Life Coach Positioning and Branding

Positioning and branding are among the biggest buzz words in marketing these days. However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion about how to apply them in business. These two keys to your business will establish how viable and prominent you are in the minds of your prospects and what you are known for in the life coaching industry. You must learn how positioning and branding can be used for your business so it will bring in the results you desire.

Positioning Statements for Life Coaches

People will start mentally categorising your business as soon as they come into contact with it whether through an advertising campaign or through a face-to-face meeting. You should decide who you want to be as a life coach and position yourself so you are seen that way. Make it clear to your prospects who you are
and they will see you in that light. Your positioning statement should be based on your clients’ needs, so they can relate to it and identify with you. All of your marketing and advertising efforts should reinforce your positioning statement.

Brainstorm potential positioning statement that will clearly define you within a niche.

What are the needs of your clients that could be addressed in your positioning statement?

Refine your positioning statement into a short and sharp sentence or two.

Branding for Life Coaches

When it comes to branding your life coaching business, you must understand this is more than just your logo or a marketing campaign. It is about the connection you have with your target market. Your brand should be centered on the promise you are extending to your clients and prospects. The vision you have for your life coach business should also be reflected in your brand so that it will influence your target market’s decision on buying your services.

What is the vision for your brand?

What is the promise of your brand?

How can your branding influence your prospects’ buying behaviour?

What could you do to establish your life coaching brand?

Life Coach Positioning and Branding
Article Name
Life Coach Positioning and Branding
Positioning and branding are among the biggest buzz words in marketing these days. Find out how to apply them in your business here!

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