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How to Build Online Communities

A fantastic goal for your website is to communicate with your existing customers, so they start talking about you and increase word-of-mouth. Community-based modules and other interactive features like product ratings, forums, loyalty clubs and comments are all great ways for your customers to interact with your brand. If they are happy with you, they may become raving fans. You could even take it to the next level and add more energy to your website with podcasts, videos or interactive demos. There are so many aspects of a website to consider. The most important thing is to invest in a website which you can expand into new areas and opportunities as you progress as a business. (more…)

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media can be a confusing topics to address because they mean different things to different people. There are many tips out there to help you get more traffic to your website. Always ask yourself, ‘Is this strategy designed to trick search engines into sending me traffic I probably don’t deserve?’ If it is, stay away from it completely. It is what they call black-hat SEO and can get your website downgraded in the search engines, worst still blacklisted completely where you will be sent no search engine traffic at all. (more…)

DANGER: The Hidden Costs of Online Marketing

I’ve noticed a growing school of thought that suggests online social media marketing is ‘free’. Well I guess it depends on how you define ‘free’. In my opinion, like any other marketing there is always a cost to online marketing, the difference is you can pay with time or money. The choice is yours! I’ve noticed over the years many small business owners tend to undervalue their time and then wonder why they are working 15 hours days with little to show for it. Trust me, I’ve been there too and I’ve found the solution is to count the cost of your time. You need to make a decision to outsource to the gifts and talents of specialists who can do the job quicker and better than you can do anyway.

Generate Traffic with Internet Video Marketing

Although there are many sites where you can submit your promotional videos, YouTube should be on the top of the list. Most people turn to YouTube to browse and view videos, so getting your video there is one of the best ways to build up traffic to your website or blog. YouTube has a massive amount of traffic and therefore has a huge capacity to direct traffic your way, particularly if you know how to leverage it. (more…)

New School Media

Promoting your business these days takes more than the old school, conventional tools of public relations like press releases. You must extend your reach further and use the new breed of social media tools. Aside from press releases, you can now leverage other media such as images, videos, posts, social networking (Facebook and others), micro-blogs (Twitter style) and blogs. Location-based social media site, Foursquare is also on the rise. (more…)

Internet Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a powerful strategy to promote your website, services or products. It helps build credibility, trust and brand awareness. When internet video marketing is done well, it has the power of reaching huge numbers of people at no additional cost to you. For this reason, it can be one of the most efficient and effective strategies to grow your business. (more…)

Internet Video Marketing Secrets Revealed

The popularity of online video marketing has increased rapidly over the past few years. People have become increasingly visual and are now using the Internet even more than they watch television. The technological capabilities of the internet have also increased rapidly. Where once it was impossible for most people to view a video online, now almost everyone in the Western world has fast enough internet connections to handle it. In fact many people are now even watching full-length movies on home PC’s. (more…)

Twitter Tips for Business

Regardless of whether you are a regular or a newbie on Twitter, there are times when all of us could use some help to catch the interest of people. You may want more followers or would want to form more conversations with other users. Trust me, we have tried just about everything on Twitter and have found what we believe works best. It is still a new technology, so we are open to new ideas and suggestions so feel free to add them to the comments section below. (more…)

How to Generate Website Traffic for Free

There are many different ways for you to generate website traffic. It’s fantastic to have a great corporate image design and logo strategy implemented on your site; however, the real question is whether you are getting enough site traffic free of charge. Although there are many methods which you could pay for to get traffic, there are free alternatives that you can take advantage of, if you are prepared to put in some time to do so. With these free techniques, you will be able to save money and grow your number of website visitors exponentially. (more…)

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