How to Create a Personal Training Brand

Having your logo designed is a great way to start your personal training brand however, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a brand.

Your brand encompasses not just the imagery you use but the promise of what you provide as a personal trainer and it’s value. Your brand should be the foundation of your business that supports everything you do and say. It should represent the experiences you create for your clients. Your brand is what people engage and connect with. There perceptions form your reality as a business and a brand.

Establishing your brand values requires planning. Don’t leave your brand to chance by approaching it in an ad-hoc manner. Often the simple things make the biggest difference so make sure you are on time and show commitment in everything you do as a personal trainer. What are the problems you solve for clients? What are the solutions you provide your clients? The answers to these two questions should form the core beliefs of your brand.

The people who ‘buy in’ to your brand are those that will purchase your programs and services. Who you are as a personal trainer goes a long way in forming your brand personality. Your personality and the brand personality you choose to adopt must be congruent if you want to be successful as a business. You must create consistency for your brand by forming habits and behaviour to reinforce your brand message. You know when you have a great brand when you have a tribe of loyal clients who believe in your business and philosophy of personal training.

Personal Trainers Logo Design

The core visual aid for any brand is the logo design. It’s important to take the time and effort to make sure you make the best decision for your business. You may choose to skimp and save in other areas of your branding and marketing however you should ensure your logo is up to scratch before you spend a dime anywhere else. Your logo will be positioned in many places from this point on and has the power to improve or inhibit many of your future branding and marketing endeavours. Spend most of your time investing into the strategy, brand personality, values and goals so you have a clear direction for your brand. Once you have a clear direction, communicate that vision with a professional graphic designer who can translate that vision into a visual design. Don’t be tempted to design your logo yourself if you are not a professionally trained graphic designer. Often small business owners become emotionally attached to their logo creation and are not able to make a good business decision when it comes to finalising the logo design. It may look like a masterpiece to you but how well does it represent what you want your brand to be known for? It can be a difficult task for a graphic designer to tell their customer something they designed isn’t really cutting it.

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How to Create a Personal Training Brand
Article Name
How to Create a Personal Training Brand
Having your logo designed is a great way to start your personal training brand however, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a brand.

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