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This comprehensive blog will show small business owners and Entrepreneurs in Williamstown, how to market there businesses online!

Your Own Ultimate Website Strategy

Creating your ultimate website strategy is a process that you should go through with care and thoughtful planning. This should involve not only establishing the design for your website but the overall strategy behind what you are intending to do. You should have a clearly defined plan for your website, knowing want you want it to produce for your business. (more…)

What is Quality Web Design?

Are you looking for a Melbourne design studio to help you with your website? Of course you know that you need a reputable creative graphic design and web design studio with the experience, creativity and technical skill to make your business look good but how will you know if they do a good job? What exactly makes a great website? Today we’re going to discuss some of the elements that constitute quality web design. If you consult with ten web designers, you’ll probably get ten different opinions on what constitutes quality web design. Even so, following are seven signs of quality web design that most graphic designers will have to agree with. (more…)

Website Improvements to Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Websites can quickly become dated due to the fast paced nature of the online world. The design becomes stale, the content doesn’t align with how the business has evolved and the technology used isn’t suitable for the latest browsing trends (ie. Mobile phones). The good news is small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs don’t usually need to start a brand new website that is time consuming and costly. Often an underperforming website is just a few small tweaks away from generating a far greater ROI. Don’t let a web developer convince or persuade you to buy a brand new ‘bells and whistles’ website that may not be in your best interest. At Omnific Design, we are happy to review your current website from a marketing, design and functionality standpoint and make recommendations based on our extensive

User Friendly Website = Sales Friendly Website

With millions of websites competing for business on the Internet, users have many choices about which companies they do business with. During the web development stage of your website, think about how you can make it as easy as possible for visitors to buy from you. Most people use the Internet as a means of finding information and expect nearly instant results. If your page is slow to load or the information isn’t clear, they will quickly look elsewhere. (more…)

3 Website Elements Often Overlooked

A website is a very powerful marketing tool. It has many aspects in its sleeves that when used right will make everything work to the advantage of your business. There are a number of website elements though that are often overlooked. This is especially when it comes to their importance in the overall capability of making a site a profitable tool for business. Below are three of these unnoticed but equally essential elements: (more…)

What Does Your Website Design Say About You?

By simply browsing a website you can discover a lot of things about the individual or group behind it, their approach and their goals. You might be spending a lot of money on advertising and marketing, but if your site doesn’t reflect who you really are, you won’t get your message across at all. Did you choose the right design for your site? To find out, answer the questions below. (more…)

Squeeze Page Secret Weapons

What’s a squeeze page? Where does it get it’s name from in the first place? What’s the big idea anyway? The simple definition of a squeeze page is a dedicated web page whose primary function is to ‘squeeze’ a response out of a visitor. Usually it’s an email address the website owner is wanting so they can further promote their business or opportunity to the visitor. (more…)

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