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This comprehensive blog will show small business owners and Entrepreneurs in Williamstown, how to market there businesses online!

3 Things to Consider if you want to Turn Your Website into a Cash Cow

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers to your website, generate better on-line sales or establish new partnerships, there are many things to consider. Not only do you need to get the design right, but the functionality and search engine optimised website programming. While a website can be a powerful marketing tool, getting an effective website design off the ground can be challenging. (more…)

What to Do and Not to Do When Building a Website

Whether you are trying to create a website from scratch or you are redesigning the one that you already have, there are number of things that you should and should not do. The primary thing that you should do is think of your customers before yourself. You can do this if you will take the time to understand there Psychographic Profile, which is comprised of variables that influence their purchasing decisions. These variables include lifestyles, attitudes, interests and opinions. If you have the complete Psychographic Profile of your target market, then you will be able to structure your website using this information, rather than focussing on just your products or services. (more…)

Are Apps the Next Website?

There’s a school of thought floating around that suggests App’s are the “new” websites. Some are suggesting all small businesses will one day have an App of their own, just like it has become the norm for every small business to have a website. I disagree for a number of reasons. Read on… (more…)

Website Improvements to Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Websites can quickly become dated due to the fast paced nature of the online world. The design becomes stale, the content doesn’t align with how the business has evolved and the technology used isn’t suitable for the latest browsing trends (ie. Mobile phones). The good news is small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs don’t usually need to start a brand new website that is time consuming and costly. Often an underperforming website is just a few small tweaks away from generating a far greater ROI. Don’t let a web developer convince or persuade you to buy a brand new ‘bells and whistles’ website that may not be in your best interest. At Omnific Design, we are happy to review your current website from a marketing, design and functionality standpoint and make recommendations based on our extensive

User Friendly Website = Sales Friendly Website

With millions of websites competing for business on the Internet, users have many choices about which companies they do business with. During the web development stage of your website, think about how you can make it as easy as possible for visitors to buy from you. Most people use the Internet as a means of finding information and expect nearly instant results. If your page is slow to load or the information isn’t clear, they will quickly look elsewhere. (more…)

3 Website Elements Often Overlooked

A website is a very powerful marketing tool. It has many aspects in its sleeves that when used right will make everything work to the advantage of your business. There are a number of website elements though that are often overlooked. This is especially when it comes to their importance in the overall capability of making a site a profitable tool for business. Below are three of these unnoticed but equally essential elements: (more…)

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