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When it Comes to Marketing, Great Life Coaches Never Stop Learning

As a life coach, the process of learning should never end. Just because you are working as a life coach, this doesn’t mean you are equipped for every challenge in life. The more experience you have, the more awareness, presence, intuition, compassion and capabilities you get. To streamline this process, learn from the gifts and talents of others who specialise in the areas you would like to grow in. Good coaches have coaches themselves. Often, they have a few to work with them in specific areas. (more…)

The Sales and Marketing Mindset

If you have followed this website for long, you will know we are passionate about marketing. Marketing is important in business to produce sales, yet most people we work with are not too happy about 'selling'. I believe it is a mindset that we have created based on our understanding of what sales is and what sales people are like. We have all experience pushy, slimy sales people that you simply can't trust. That's exactly what we do not want to become. I agree, we should never be like this in our business and we shouldn't need to be, if our marketing process does it job well. I believe we need to change our understanding of what sales is in order for our marketing to produce the results we want it to. Read more No Comments

Influence and Increase as a Life Coach

Becoming a life coach is a very rewarding career. Not just because of the healthy income you can achieve, but because you will grow as a person and have a positive influence on others. Be true to who you are when helping people and you will build trust and loyalty with the people you work with. Although you need to have a vision to succeed as a life coach, you will not get the number of clients you desire if you are not willing to be generous in your giving. There are some coaches that give free initial consultations. (more…)

Design Briefs – How to Balance Creative Freedom and Instruction

Odds are that when you hire a Melbourne graphic designer, you are doing so because you need the creativity and expertise he or she has to offer in the design field. It is likely that you may fall into one of two categories while working with your chosen designer: either giving rigid, highly detailed instructions for the project or simply turning over the project with the idea that your graphic designer will figure out what is right for the project. Which approach is better? Is it best to allow unlimited creative freedom or to lay out guidelines for every single step of the project? Let’s start by taking a look at the potential drawbacks of each approach. (more…)

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