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Find out how Melbourne startups and entrepreneurs have grown their companies through content marketing, thought leadership and relationship building.

Design Briefs – How to Balance Creative Freedom and Instruction

Odds are that when you hire a Melbourne graphic designer, you are doing so because you need the creativity and expertise he or she has to offer in the design field. It is likely that you may fall into one of two categories while working with your chosen designer: either giving rigid, highly detailed instructions for the project or simply turning over the project with the idea that your graphic designer will figure out what is right for the project. Which approach is better? Is it best to allow unlimited creative freedom or to lay out guidelines for every single step of the project? Let’s start by taking a look at the potential drawbacks of each approach. (more…)

Market Research for Entrepreneurs

Large corporations are able to allocate huge amounts of money for market research. They understanding the importance of understanding your target market in order to successfully communicate with prospects and customers. For most small businesses, this level of research would send them broke before they even get started. This is not to say the same principles can’t be achieved in a smaller scale. (more…)

Why Lean Startups Are the Best Marketers

Lean Startups use a methodology that aims to help businesses develop and release products more quickly and without excessive costs. It’s a methodology that can also be applied when marketing any business no matter how old or large. If maximising your marketing effectiveness and minimising expense is important to you, then the lean startup methodology is for you. (more…)

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