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Email Marketing remains a powerful tool for promotions, advertising, and branding. But only in the hands of those who put it to good use.

Why Newsletter Subscription Thank You Pages & Emails Are an Untapped Gold Mine

Thanking people for subscribing to your newsletters, whether through a thank you page on your website or a thank you email, is an effective way to strengthen your relationship. It’s also a massive opportunity to subtly market to them your products or services. Here are the two of the biggest benefits thank you pages/emails have to offer. (more…)

Follow-up Marketing for Personal Trainers

In the personal training industry, people are often just not ready to buy. For this reason, you need a marketing strategy to stay in touch with prospects. We have already touched on eNewsletters. They are really the ultimate follow-up strategy, particularly when you have a large list of subscribers. There are other follow up strategies you should consider particularly when you are starting out with very few contacts and can afford to invest more time into attracting new clients. (more…)

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