Why Marketing Campaigns are a lot like Weddings

I was driving to a meeting earlier today to brain-storm a marketing campaign with a customer and got stuck behind a wedding car. ‘Who gets married on a Wednesday? What were they thinking?’ was my immediate response. It actually got me thinking how similar weddings are to marketing campaigns. Might sound a little odd I know, but I did have almost an hour to kill waiting in Melbourne traffic. Let me explain… You'll soon see what I mean... I hope (more…)

Build Your Business

Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change. Always test and measure your results. Having no strategic plan causes problems in many areas of business. More specifically, in my industry I’ve seen poor or no strategy resulting in ineffective graphic and web design. The information in this ebook may not work exactly the same way in every business and I encourage and challenge you to see for yourself what results it produces in your unique situation. (more…)

Build Your Business – Build your Value

By consistently providing valuable information to your prospects you stay at the front of their mind until they are ready to buy your product or service. This is also true for repeat business. Business people often forget to continue providing value to their customers after the first purchase. By continuing to provide value, you transform customers into loyal advocates of your business who potentially will refer you thousands of dollars worth of business. (more…)

Web Analytics… ARRRHH! Is it just for the Geeks?

If you have ever launched a brand new website I’m sure you have come to realise, without traffic it’s almost useless. Sure, people may visit it if they picked up your business card or flyer and want more information and that could be helpful. However, the real benefit of having a business website is to generate more sales. To create more sales you need more traffic. To create more traffic you could try search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. The problem is this costs you time and/or money. (more…)

DANGER: The Hidden Costs of Online Marketing

I’ve noticed a growing school of thought that suggests online social media marketing is ‘free’. Well I guess it depends on how you define ‘free’. In my opinion, like any other marketing there is always a cost to online marketing, the difference is you can pay with time or money. The choice is yours! I’ve noticed over the years many small business owners tend to undervalue their time and then wonder why they are working 15 hours days with little to show for it. Trust me, I’ve been there too and I’ve found the solution is to count the cost of your time. You need to make a decision to outsource to the gifts and talents of specialists who can do the job quicker and better than you can do anyway.

When it Comes to Marketing, Great Life Coaches Never Stop Learning

As a life coach, the process of learning should never end. Just because you are working as a life coach, this doesn’t mean you are equipped for every challenge in life. The more experience you have, the more awareness, presence, intuition, compassion and capabilities you get. To streamline this process, learn from the gifts and talents of others who specialise in the areas you would like to grow in. Good coaches have coaches themselves. Often, they have a few to work with them in specific areas. (more…)

The Sales and Marketing Mindset

If you have followed this website for long, you will know we are passionate about marketing. Marketing is important in business to produce sales, yet most people we work with are not too happy about 'selling'. I believe it is a mindset that we have created based on our understanding of what sales is and what sales people are like. We have all experience pushy, slimy sales people that you simply can't trust. That's exactly what we do not want to become. I agree, we should never be like this in our business and we shouldn't need to be, if our marketing process does it job well. I believe we need to change our understanding of what sales is in order for our marketing to produce the results we want it to. Read more No Comments

Generate Traffic with Internet Video Marketing

Although there are many sites where you can submit your promotional videos, YouTube should be on the top of the list. Most people turn to YouTube to browse and view videos, so getting your video there is one of the best ways to build up traffic to your website or blog. YouTube has a massive amount of traffic and therefore has a huge capacity to direct traffic your way, particularly if you know how to leverage it. (more…)

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