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Offering online and offline marketing advice, news, resources and hacks. Posts by Wes Towers, founder of Omnific Design in Melbourne.

Social Validation and Marketing

The bystander effect refers to how people react upon experiencing a sudden event in a social situation. Bystanders seem to largely remain apathetic to someone in dire need of immediate help, even out in public when a large crowd is present. Research suggests a lone bystander seeing a person in physical need is far more likely to help than if they were part of a crowd. Studies suggest, the larger the crowd the less likely it is that someone will respond—providing nobody else breaks the trend and reacts. This reveals something intriguing about human behaviour: (more…)

Marketing Foundations for Life Coaches

If you want to build a long lasting, strong and secure life coach business you must build it on a strong foundation. Life coaching as a business won’t run by itself without the help of a great marketing plan. If you have an outline of the strategies you need to promote your business, you will be able to develop ways to make your practice a success in a shorter time-frame. Be specific, include the exact kind of service that you offer, your methodology and a clear description of the kind of clients you want to work with. (more…)

Reciprocity and Reward

Reciprocity is an intriguing human behaviour that can be used as a means to market your company more effectively. It is a common human trait that works with a person’s sense of obligation. It is natural for people to feel indebted to someone who has been generous towards them, and is common for people to feel the need to repay kindness in some way. (more…)

Making Money Online

When you read about people doing well and earning millions online, many of us ask how we could do it ourselves. Although you might be skeptical about how you might succeed with Internet marketing because of your lack of experience, there are systems you can follow to help you achieve your goals. Some of the systems are superb and some, simply rip-off scams. The old rule applies, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If someone offers you a turn-key system that requires no effort and promises big profits, it’s probably a scam. Good online business systems take the right kind of knowledge and the willingness to work on it to make things happen. Better yet, if you can create your own product or system that has a strong market,

Should You Join an Online Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are very popular way to make money online from home. The attraction is you don't need any product or service to sell of your own, you simply refer people online to others where they purchase and you make a commission. These programs are networks of affiliates, advertisers and marketers, usually under the supervision of the affiliate program providers or managers. (more…)

Why Your Marketing Sucks and What To Do About It

Years ago you may have got away with simply placing a sign on the front of your business and waiting for people to walk through the door. These days’ businesses compete against a much broader market and the competition to get noticed has never been fiercer. In order to run successful marketing strategies today you need measurable tactics. For example if you do put a sign in your window, see how many people walk through the door in response to it. (more…)

Advertising: Everybody Does it but Does That Make it Right?

Advertising is a normal, everyday part of life in the mass consumer society we live in. We are bombarded with advertising messages every day. But does it still work? Should you still be advertising? Many small businesses rely of word-of-mouth marketing alone to grow their businesses. Is there still a place for traditional advertising techniques? (more…)

What’s Old is New Again – Direct Mail & Websites

The Internet is a great place to expand an entrepreneurial business but can also be highly competitive. If you want to achieve greater success with your online marketing you should consider some of the good old faithful tricks of the marketing trade to ensure you stay ahead of the crowd. Tried and true direct mail techniques can help you make the most of the time and money you invest into your sales based website design and development. (more…)

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