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Offering online and offline marketing advice, news, resources and hacks. Posts by Wes Towers, founder of Omnific Design in Melbourne.

Graphic Design and the Human Mind

Effective marketing design requires more than just technical knowledge and an eye for what is beautiful or attractive. How a design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behaviour is far more important than simple aesthetics. Understanding how the brain influences human behaviour can give you insight into how to approach graphic design from a different perspective—and get a better return on your investment! (more…)

Why Marketing Campaigns are a lot like Weddings

I was driving to a meeting earlier today to brain-storm a marketing campaign with a customer and got stuck behind a wedding car. ‘Who gets married on a Wednesday? What were they thinking?’ was my immediate response. It actually got me thinking how similar weddings are to marketing campaigns. Might sound a little odd I know, but I did have almost an hour to kill waiting in Melbourne traffic. Let me explain… You'll soon see what I mean... I hope (more…)

Build Your Business

Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change. Always test and measure your results. Having no strategic plan causes problems in many areas of business. More specifically, in my industry I’ve seen poor or no strategy resulting in ineffective graphic and web design. The information in this ebook may not work exactly the same way in every business and I encourage and challenge you to see for yourself what results it produces in your unique situation. (more…)

Web Analytics… ARRRHH! Is it just for the Geeks?

If you have ever launched a brand new website I’m sure you have come to realise, without traffic it’s almost useless. Sure, people may visit it if they picked up your business card or flyer and want more information and that could be helpful. However, the real benefit of having a business website is to generate more sales. To create more sales you need more traffic. To create more traffic you could try search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. The problem is this costs you time and/or money. (more…)

Powerpoint Without the Boring Bits

We have all sat through a boring Powerpoint presentation at some stage, fighting to hold our eyes open as the presenter reads through the bullet points, slide by slide and occasionally expanding on the points. Arrggg. Programs like Powerpoint, tend to funnel you into a style of presentation based on bullet-points and template design that often produce this kind of result. Imagery often comes as and after thought, just to fill some space. Imagery should not be just to 'pretty up' a boring, bullet point presentation. They should enhance your presentation. (more…)

Speed and Marketing

People can be very impulsive, particularly when shopping. If your customers can achieve immediate gratification they will be more likely to buy now. When designing marketing material, it’s important to understand what may motivate your target market. Marketing to customers in-store may be very different to how you market to them in their homes through printed material or online. The right message must be used in the right situation. (more…)

Social Validation and Marketing

The bystander effect refers to how people react upon experiencing a sudden event in a social situation. Bystanders seem to largely remain apathetic to someone in dire need of immediate help, even out in public when a large crowd is present. Research suggests a lone bystander seeing a person in physical need is far more likely to help than if they were part of a crowd. Studies suggest, the larger the crowd the less likely it is that someone will respond—providing nobody else breaks the trend and reacts. This reveals something intriguing about human behaviour: (more…)

Marketing Foundations for Life Coaches

If you want to build a long lasting, strong and secure life coach business you must build it on a strong foundation. Life coaching as a business won’t run by itself without the help of a great marketing plan. If you have an outline of the strategies you need to promote your business, you will be able to develop ways to make your practice a success in a shorter time-frame. Be specific, include the exact kind of service that you offer, your methodology and a clear description of the kind of clients you want to work with. (more…)

Reciprocity and Reward

Reciprocity is an intriguing human behaviour that can be used as a means to market your company more effectively. It is a common human trait that works with a person’s sense of obligation. It is natural for people to feel indebted to someone who has been generous towards them, and is common for people to feel the need to repay kindness in some way. (more…)

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