Profit Pulling Business Cards

Hiring a professional graphic designer ensures that your business cards will not only appear professional, but also send the right message to your prospects and customers. While this is important, it does not guarantee your business cards will not be thrown in the rubbish and taken any notice of. Think about all the times you have done the same thing yourself. Imagine where all your business card probably end up after you have spent time and money to make them look decent. There is one simple, yet powerful tool that you can use to improve your business cards success, including a strong call to action.

Why Have a Business Cards

The point of having a business card is not just to share your name or contact details. In fact, it can be one of the most significant tools for your marketing if done well. Of course we highly recommend hiring a professional graphic designer to produce your business card, however that is only one piece of the puzzle. You must learn how to make your business card work to your advantage. This could be done through placing an invitation to prompt your customers to take action or direct them to your website.

Of course you still need to include all the usual information business cards require and your logo and marketing tagline, but don’t forget your call to action. When you hand someone your business card you are creating a relationship between your business and your prospect. Prevent them from throwing your card out by including an offer that will be hard for them to resist.

The Business Card Call to Action

Putting a call to action on your business card is often not the norm. That’s why it presents an incredible opportunity for your company. People have not learned to ‘switch off’ like they do when they see other marketing material. This opens up the chance of you getting the attention of your prospects, prompting them to action.

Attract your prospects by placing something like, “Go to Our Website to Download Your FREE eBook…”. Ask them to use your card as a discount coupon for a special intro price or offer. No matter how you present it, the primary purpose is getting noticed and create action.

You should make use of both sides of your card and place your special offer at the back so you have plenty of space to play with. You can even include a compelling testimonial on your card to convince your prospect of the results they can expect to receive. Ideally, you should include a time limit to your offer so they respond immediately. This will create a sense of urgency and increase the perceived value of your offer. Guarantees are also powerful on business cards. They help persuade your prospect that what you are offering will meet their needs. You could even tell them of the possible problems they may face if they don’t use your products or services.

High Quality Business Cards Only

To ensure your business card works, don’t skimp on quality. The difference in price is probably only a few dollars however the difference in results could be significant. The card and printing should be of the highest quality. Your card represents not just your business, but also you personally, so make a good impression.

Profit Pulling Business Cards
Article Name
Profit Pulling Business Cards
Hiring a graphic designer ensures that your business cards will not only appear professional, but also send the right message to your prospects and customers.

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