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Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change. Always test and measure your results. Having no strategic plan causes problems in many areas of business. More specifically, in my industry I’ve seen poor or no strategy resulting in ineffective graphic and web design. The information in this ebook may not work exactly the same way in every business and I encourage and challenge you to see for yourself what results it produces in your unique situation.

I have found it universally true that the more time a leader spends developing strategy, the more success and growth they are likely to achieve. Having said that, strategy alone will never bring you success. Implementing strategy is what brings results.

When aiming to build your business the first objective, I suggest you never forget is to, test, measure and tweak. When it comes to graphic and web design it is sometimes hard to test and measure the exact outcome of some strategies; however, I recommend you put in place ways to measure what you can in order to tweak and improve your results. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you are planning a mailbox drop of 10,000, try 1,000 of two kinds first and then send out the most successful design on a larger scale.

When you analysis your results on a smaller scale, you are in a position to estimate what return on investment you would expect on a larger scale and can more accurately create an appropriate budget for that promotion.

Even when your material is working, there is often room for improvement. What would increasing your success rate by ten percent mean to your business? Sales are often the result business people are looking for when they approach designers. Sales are still the best way to measure your business success.

My research suggests the majority of small business graphic and web design is ineffective. I would also say that many business people are unaware of the impact this has on their business. Instead of generating money it is draining resources and is an additional expense.

With the right kind of material you can supercharge your business success. In this ebook you will discover strategies that will help you do that and will help you get a greater return on investment when it comes to your graphic and web design.

Build Your Business
Article Name
Build Your Business
Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change.

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