Why Use Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is an effective tool to reach potential customers and develop a relationship with existing customers, maximising their loyalty to your business. Direct marketing is where the business deals directly with a database of prospects and customers. These databases can be purchased or created by businesses. There are many ways to build your own database such as attending a trade show or giving away an ebook online in exchange for contact details.

Why Direct Marketing is so Attractive

Direct marketing is attractive to many businesses because, in many cases its effectiveness can be easily measured. It tends to produce quick results, so it is easy to identify whether a campaign has been successful. For example, if a company sends 10,000 brochures by mail, and 1,000 prospects responded to the promotion, resulting in 100 sales, the business owner can quickly measure the campaigns success. You won’t get this by advertising in your local phone book directory.

Direct Marketing is Cost Effective

Direct marketing is without doubt a cost-effective solution for many companies to get its message to a large group of prospects. The cost to print can be significantly less than other marketing strategies because you are only produced the required quantity, according to the size of your database. Mass marketing via letterbox drops produces excessive waste making it a less desirable marketing strategy. When using direct marketing, the reader is more likely to be interested in your product or service depending on how you acquired the database.

Not all direct marketing is aimed at closing a sale. Some direct mail is purely to generate another measurable response of interest and build relationships; this in term will generate long term, loyal customers.

Direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages in the public marketplace, as a billboard or a television commercial does. Direct marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send its messages directly to consumers, using ‘addressable’ media, such as mail and e-mail. While email marketing is less expensive than printed material, the response rates are often significantly less. It really is a numbers game. The content and design of your material can also greater improve your response rates Direct marketing has the potential to be extremely profitable if done correctly, since you don’t need to pay third party advertising costs. Most business owners today understand we must create a relationship with prospects and customers to ensure our businesses get the long term results we all desire.

Direct Marketing Keeps You Front of Mind

Direct Marketing can be a great way of staying front of mind with customers and prospects in turn increasing your sales. It will really depend on your business and industry, how often you send information, what kind of information you send and what design best communicates your intended message. Getting the mix wrong is why so many small business fail in direct marketing.

Why Use Direct Marketing?
Article Name
Why Use Direct Marketing?
Learn why you should be using direct marketing strategies in your small business and how to maximise your results in every direct marketing project.

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