Why Use a Professional Graphic Designer to Manage Your Printing

The printed industry has changed rapidly over recent years. Good quality printers now have cutting-edge production technology at their disposal that when used well, ensure you receive the highest quality finished product.  Built-in temperature controls, thermal laser technology and computer-integrated capabilities are just a few of the many features that enable modern day printers to reproduce images of high quality to meet your printing and finishing expectations. Professional printing is nothing like running a small office printer where you simply hit print and the job comes out the other end. There are many aspects to consider when having a project printed professionally. Not all printers were created equal, you will still find printers operating in the same way they did 20 years ago, with poor quality systems and processes that would make you tear your hair out if you saw it. When you have an important or urgent print job to be produced, it’s important you make the right selection and send your project to someone you can trust.

A professional graphic designer will give you peace of mind

Graphic Design firms usually manage the entire design, print and finishing process, giving you peace of mind. They are using printers regularly so they know who will produce the best result within your budget and generally speaking, there no additional costs. Graphic Design firms tend to get trade prices from their print suppliers and since they have long term business relationships, can ensure the best possible service. Graphic designers will carefully select printers to make sure you get high quality, flexibility and reliability for all your design, printing and finishing needs.

A professional graphic designer understands the technology

Graphic designers often pay close attention to evolving technology allowing them to incorporate the latest industry advancements as they occur. It’s not only the printing and finishing presses you have to thank for the vital colour and crisp lines you will see when using a professional graphic designer – the pre-press and post-press technology plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of the end product. When selecting a graphic designer for your next print project, make sure they understand the print process so they can set up the files in a way that reproduces in the best possible way.

A professional graphic designer understands the terminology

Finishing is the term used for any processes done after the product is printed. This includes mounting, binding, laminating, trimming, varnishing, coating and many other embellishments. There are a variety of reasons to select various finishing techniques. Printers can tend to think from a technical perspective and can sometime miss the marketing objectives a good graphic designer would be more focussed on. As part of of a professional graphic designers service, they will be usually happy to advise you on your printing and finishing options. For this reason, we strongly recommend using a professional graphic designer to look after all your product printing and finishing—from die-cutting and mounting, to laminating and folding. This should mean greater consistency and shorter turnaround times. A professional graphic designer will ensure the printer has the strictest quality control measures which ensures they deliver consistent results every time.

A professional graphic designer has studied the principles of colour

Professional graphic designers should have studied the elements and principles of colour, the latest trends and the latest fashions. Colour and combinations of colours can communicate a message to your target market. Colour has the ability to communicate on a variety of conscious and sub conscious levels. The creative use of colour can make the difference between an average design and a great design by instantaneously injecting life, vitality and personality. Professional graphic designers spend much time in the design phase selecting colours to get the results the client is looking for. It is important to back up this service by supplying high quality print production. You can have the greatest design created with fantastic colours but if it prints poorly the project will be ineffective.

The key to consistent, quality colour production is the coordinated control over the colour as it passes between stages of the creative process. Computerised technology can help provide customers with print jobs that meets international standards. The print production team should use SWOP certified monitors that are calibrated weekly, profiled proofing instruments, spectrophotometers and International Colour Consortium (ICC) profiles. These recent advances in colour management help maintain dynamic colour. The printing process is more technical than many business operators would understand. That’s why getting your projects managed by an expert (ie. graphic designer) is usually the best option.

Why Use a Professional Graphic Designer to Manage Your Printing
Article Name
Why Use a Professional Graphic Designer to Manage Your Printing
Graphic Design firms usually manage the entire design, print and finishing process, giving you peace of mind.

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