Why Some Graphic Designers Love Entrepreneurs and Others Hate Them

An entrepreneurial spirit is needed to create or develop economically viable businesses, whether new businesses, new groups within companies, or any other new venture. Entrepreneurship is a very powerful attitude that creates the majority of innovation, job creation and philanthropy in Australia. Entrepreneurs are able to find a balance between the two sides of the brain and put into action a balance between creative and analytical thinking. That’s why working with Entrepreneurs is in my opinion, fantastic for graphic design firms. Working at the grass roots level of a new business venture and see it develop into a fully-fledged business is an exciting proposition for most creative types.

It is common for graphic designers to work with a new business on the basics such as a logo, business card and website and expand the marketing material as the business develops. This is often not so desirable for some graphic design firms who prefer to stick with the larger corporate clients. Not every new business makes it; in fact many don’t survive the first year so some graphic designers steer clear of them. In my opinion, it is very exciting working on a new venture, from the ground up. Sure, not all of them make it so it’s alway best to be selective who you take onboard. If you believe the idea is a good one and you believe you can work well with the entrepreneur, go for it.

To create and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship is essential to the effectiveness of strategic execution, innovation, and growth. Businesses who are focused on these areas are ideal customers for some design firms since they often align perfectly with the principles they believe in and work towards. Once an entrepreneurial venture is in motion, there are many creative ways a graphic designer can enhance the business and help it move more quickly to it’s desired goals. Entrepreneurs have the ability to think differently and often require the services of a boutique design firm who is a little more dynamic and robust when compared to the larger agencies.

Entrepreneur understand differentiation

If you don’t differentiate your business in your prospects mind you compete on price alone and make it very difficult for graphic designers to produce successful branding and marketing material. If you are a small business, much the same as others in your industry, prospects will expect a lower price than your bigger competitors because they perceive you have less overheads and a less stable business. Entrepreneurs tend to run a lean, mean machine but the key ingredient they have that other small businesses don’t is they understand how to be unique.

Being a new business also requires that you meet and exceed customer expectations. As long as your company can maintain its ability to differentiate in a way that consistently meets and exceed consumer expectations, customers may reject lower-cost competitors. The bottom line is your customers measure value in a variety of ways. If you provide the same value to your competitors in every aspect of the business, you compete on price along. When you differentiate your business and set up something unique you can change the current market reality, such as changing the user expectations and perceived value.

Why Some Graphic Designers Love Entrepreneurs and Others Hate Them
Article Name
Why Some Graphic Designers Love Entrepreneurs and Others Hate Them
Entrepreneurs are able to find a balance between creative and analytical thinking. That's why working with Entrepreneurs is fantastic for graphic design firms.

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