Webpage Call to Action Design Tips

Good call to action page design increases conversions and sign-ups considerably, which is why you really need to take the time to optimise your landing pages and even your general business website. Here are some tips that will help you do this, quickly and effectively.

Limit your landing page to one call to action

When there are two or more calls to action, the visitor becomes distracted, even confused, and he or she might not respond how you wished they would. In fact they will probably leave your webpage without doing anything at all. If it’s a general business website, you may have a couple of calls to action since different visitors will be searching for different reasons. Just make sure its not confusing and limited to just a couple of calls to action.

Strip your page of unnecessary clutter

Don’t use too many graphics that don’t directly support your intended message. This will make it easier for you to emphasise the most important messages on the page such as the product or service you’re selling, and a big Buy Now button. Sometimes you might also add images that reflect the benefits of the product or service, however these need to be designed so they don’t draw attention away from the more important messages on your webpage.

Ask only for the basic information

If your call to action page includes a sign-up form, ensure that this form requires as little information as possible. Web users are reluctant to share their personal information with others, even when they trust your brand. Ask only for the name and the email if that’s all you really need. If you have to ask for the phone number give them good reasons why they should part with there personal info.

Finally, you really need to invest in professional web design services if you want your call to action page to be successful. A professionally designed page is credible, trustworthy, and looks great too (Hint, hint: contact Omnific Design!)


Webpage Call to Action Design Tips
Article Name
Webpage Call to Action Design Tips
Good call to action design increases conversions which is why you really need to take the time to optimise your landing pages and your general business website.

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