The Ultimate Personal Trainers Brochure

Many personal trainers start out with a brochure before they get their website and follow-up strategy in place. I propose you focus on getting your website and follow-up strategy up and running first before you create a brochure. Here are the reasons why:

  1. If you are creative with your business card, it can act as a marketing piece on its own merit and send people to your website for further information.
  2. There is more flexibility online to change things quickly so it enables you to test your marketing ideas and alter elements that are not working. Professionally printed brochures, on the other hand, are not easily changed and can be expensive.
  3. When you invest in a good quality website, the value can remain for many years. It has the potential of being viewed by millions of people with no additional cost to you.

Once you have your website and follow-up strategy working, you will have a good idea of what your target market responds to. That’s the perfect time to have a brochure designed. Brochures are excellent material for prospects to take away and read at their own pace. Brochures can help reinforce other promotional efforts and funnel more traffic to your website.

The Brochure Design

Professionally designed and printed brochures can also create a sense of credibility. As a personal trainer, people don’t know if you are the ‘real deal’ or just doing a little training on the side with your spare time. Your prospects want to be trained by professionals who are in it for the long haul. By providing a printed brochure, you are sending a message that you are serious about your personal training.

When it comes to the design of your brochure, of course you need to make sure your text and photos are distributed in an eye-catching manner on your brochure. This will ensure it is easy to read and appears professional and engaging. Equally as important is your brand, your business card, your follow-up material, your website and any other designed material you have created and formulate a design that brings everything together through your brochure.

The Brochure Content

Take the best parts of your website and follow up content and ruthlessly cut it back to the core elements of what it is communicating. You must convince your target market that you are the best choice, while providing them with information that will capture their attention.

Create Connections. Make it easy for your target market to connect with you. Provide all your contact details on your brochure including your email address, website and your social media accounts.

The same principle of reinforcing your brand through your follow-up strategy should also apply to brochures with some subtle differences. You need to be a little more direct with your brochure and promote the services you offer. After all, if someone is reading your brochure, that is probably the information they are looking for. Everything you have learned about marketing your business through your website should also be considered for your brochure, just keep it short and sharp. Elements such as guarantees, testimonials and before and after shots often translate well to brochures, so check your website analytics to see what was most engaging on your website and introduce that to your brochure.

Avoid using technical words that are hard to understand. Your brochures are for public consumption, so be sure to use simple language that can be understood easily. Don’t try to look more knowledgeable or professional by spouting out personal training jargon. This will only confuse and frustrate your target market, defeating the purpose of having a brochure in the first place.

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The Ultimate Personal Trainers Brochure
Article Name
The Ultimate Personal Trainers Brochure
Many personal trainers start out with a brochure before they get their website and follow-up strategy in place.

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