The Secret to Business Card Design for Personal Trainers

Previously, we have discussed your brand as a foundation for all your marketing as a personal trainer. Once you have your brand vision in place and are ready to go, the first thing you need is a business card even before having your branded items produced. Always, always, always have business cards with you. As a personal trainer, you never know who you might meet. There are so many people who have been considering hiring a personal trainer but just haven’t found someone yet. Health and fitness is the kind of thing many people know they should do but continue to procrastinate. You need to be ready and available with business cards in your pocket ready for the opportunity.

You could also ask local business owners if it’s okay to leave some of your business cards on their counter. Some of the best places to leave business cards are health food shops, medical centres and other health and fitness related businesses. Don’t rule anything out, even the local fish and chip shop might be somewhere you can display business cards. The cost to print large volumes of business cards as opposed to getting the minimum print run is usually insignificant, so it’s well worth the additional expense.

Creative Business Cards

Although most business cards end up at the back of a drawer or in the bin, there are strategies personal trainers can adopt to make their business card more valuable and useful than traditional business cards.

Your business card could double as a discount voucher, appointment card or reward card. Imagine if you could create a referral system where other people do the selling for you, handing out your business card for you. Of course your business card is primarily a tool to share your contact details with prospective clients however, it has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool if you think a little creatively.

Your Call to Action

You should make sure all the usual contact details are on your business card and you should also consider a call to action. Focus on the benefits of using your services then ask them to respond. Tell them what they can expect if they contact you and take part in your services. This could be in the form of a testimonial or a guarantee, but don’t forget to ask for a response. The response may be to use your business card as a discount voucher or to simply call you now.

Graphics and Imagery

Once you have the nuts and bolts of your business card ready to go, it’s time to consider the graphics and imagery. If you want to create an impression of professionalism for your personal training business, especially during the initial meeting with your prospects, you must have a business card that presents a professional image. In many cases, your business card is the first marketing piece that your prospective client will see, so don’t skimp on design or printing costs. The few extra dollars it may cost will be well worth the investment.

You should include your logo and brand style in your business card as described in chapter one and you should also consider a few additional graphic elements. Being in the service industry, particularly in personal training, prospects will want to see who you are and what you look like. Yes, people will judge you by your appearance so use a high quality photo that looks natural and represents your personality well. If it’s appropriate for your brand, a stylised illustration or cartoon may be better than a photograph. Just make sure it is easily recognisable, as you and you look happy and friendly.

The Secret to Business Card Design for Personal Trainers
Article Name
The Secret to Business Card Design for Personal Trainers
Always, always, always have business cards with you. As a personal trainer, you never know who you might meet. Here's what your business card should include.

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