The Psychology of Graphic Design

There are various elements that should be considered when working with a graphic designer. The technical aspects of how a piece is created has an impact on its success, particularly when considering printing techniques or search engine optimisation for online purposes. These technical aspects of design should be a given (unfortunately they are not, but that’s a different issue). Once you have the technical side of the design project under control, consider what it is that really sets your material apart from the competition. How well does it engage your target market? Graphic design sets the tone for your marketing material and forms the way in which people interact with the content.

Using a fully qualified graphic designer with experience in print and web design should ensure your marketing material is appealing and attractive from a visual perspective. But, this is only scratching the surface when it comes to successful graphic design. Aside from visual appeal, graphic design must influence or persuade a specific response from its target market. It may be to buy a product or service, create leads or build a
brand. Whatever your goals and objectives, good graphic design should help encourage your
desired response.

In order to achieve its intended results, effective graphic design requires more than just making use of various design elements. Understanding the psychological aspect of design principles such as colour, shape and font is the missing ingredient many businesses don’t use to its full capacity.

Like any aspect of business, having a strategic goal is important if you want to be successful. When it comes to marketing, how well your goals are achieved usually depends on how well you can guide your audience through your material and influence their buying decision process. It’s all about human behaviour. For example, a website trying to sell products online should target certain human behaviours that compel visitors to buy now, or at least encourage them to return to the website. A not-for-profit organisation producing a brochure would aim to create emotion and convince the audience it’s worthwhile to support. A listed company annual report would usually seek to impress investors of value to the company. Other organisations also target certain behaviours to
grow a database and increase interest in their products or services. The list of reasons why a particular organisation may market itself is endless, that’s why it is so important to define your goals and objectives in order to design successful marketing material.

Testing, measuring and tweaking a design are highly recommended, however an understanding of psychology and human behaviour can accelerate the success of your marketing material so that your testing phase is shorter and less costly. Omnific Design’s Psychographic Profile is a perfect example of just how easy it can be to use some of these strategies in order to produce a successful result in rapid timeframes.

There have been many studies and much research that explains how the brain works and influences human behaviour. An understanding of psychology would be a valuable resource for any graphic designer. At Omnific Design we believe in implementing these kinds of strategies into our design methodology. We don’t pretend to be psychologists, or that we are experts in every area of psychology, we are simply very pragmatic when it comes to design. We focus only on how human behaviour impacts on the success of the designs we create for our clients. We encourage business owners to take on a similar philosophy to understand the thinking behind the strategies their business has adopted when it comes to graphic design.

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The Psychology of Graphic Design
Article Name
The Psychology of Graphic Design
Psychology plays a huge roll in successful, marketing based graphic design techniques. It's not just about beauty but more importantly, influencing your market.

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