The Power of Colour in Branding

Colour and branding go hand in hand. The effective use of colour plays a crucial role in creating a compelling brand. Even if you have a professional looking brand name and logo design, it may not be effective in attracting your target market if the right colours are not chosen.

There are many reasons why colour can have a serious effect on how a brand is perceived. It acts as a visual cue that can capture a passing person’s gaze or create emotions and perceptions within your target market. Colour is a powerful tool that must work together with other elements of design such as shape and fonts. Our Psychographic Profile is a powerful tool to help you discover what elements will work best for your brand. Visually appealing design and strategic intelligence should go hand in hand in order to create a powerful brand.

Good use of colour should enhance any design. In order for graphic design to be successful, it must produce the intended result. Applying the right colours will enhance the results of any brand design.

The most successful multinational brands work diligently to use colours in order to create or influence how people may feel and behave. Selecting the right colours for your brand may sound quite complicated. That is why we created our Psychographic Profile. This process takes approximately 30 minutes and will teach you what colours, fonts and shapes will attract your target market. Using combinations of colours to achieve a certain effect is the next step in the process. Once you know what colours best represent your business, it’s time to use creative flair by creating colour combinations that work together.

Your business will be able to enhance your intended message with the correct use of colour. Colour can help conjure up emotions that often lead to a response. With this kind of marketing, it is a matter of influencing your target market to respond the way you want them to. Perception is often created even before a word is read, so it is essential to set the mood with the right use of colour.

Companies and other businesses should consider making colour an indispensable part of building a brand. It will help make your branding more effective and help improve brand recall among those people that matter most, your customers and prospects.

The Power of Colour in Branding
Article Name
The Power of Colour in Branding
Colour and branding go hand in hand. The effective use of colour plays a crucial role in creating a compelling brand. Here's what to watch out for.

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