Shopping Centre Advertising Still Delivers the Goods to Teens

For many businesses, advertising is a critical way of getting noticed and generating new revenue streams. With many advertising solutions to choose from, it takes many businesses some time to choose which advertisements offer the best results. When it comes to capturing the lucrative teen market segment, it seems that Shopping Centre advertising is the way to go, according to recent research.

Interesting research recently released by Scarborough Research and Arbitron on Teen Mall Shopping Attitudes shows that nine out of ten teens notice Shopping Centre advertising. The teen respondents in the study were shown different types of Shopping Centre advertising campaigns and were asked if they were aware of each one. Around 95 percent of them noticed at least one form of Shopping Centre advertising. The results suggest teen shoppers are influenced by Shopping Centre advertising.

Poster displays lead the way as the most noticeable form of Shopping Centre advertising with 91% of teens noticing these campaigns. Hanging ad banners came in second at 85%. Sampling was noticed by 77% of the respondents. This was followed by promotional events, TV or video ads, interactive display or kiosks and projected moving images.

Teen shoppers at the Shopping Centre also have certain advertising that they react positively to. 81% of female teens and 77% of the males found at least one format of Shopping Centre advertising as either “cool”, “fun to look at”, or “very noticeable.” The teen respondents were asked to comment on each ad format, being measured by means of one or more positive attributes. The different Shopping Centre advertising formats that teen shoppers ranked the highest by their positive attributes were projected moving images (44%), TV and video screens (43%) and interactive display/kiosks (38%).

Findings in the same study also showed that two-thirds of teen shoppers usually pay attention to Shopping Centre advertising. This features items for sale at the centre. Around 58% of teen shoppers agreed that advertisements they see at the Shopping Centre made them want to visit specific stores within the mall. Of this group, around 77% said that they spend more now than they did six months ago.

Another key fact of this study is that those teen shoppers, who usually spend the most, are the ones who are the most responsive to Shopping Centre ads. Although not as many of the teen shoppers are spending due to the recent financial hardships many face, still a sizeable number of them head down to the Shopping Centre to meet friends and be entertained. For this reason, Shopping Centres can be an attractive venue to advertise due to a high number of teens viewing the advertising.

The teen market is intensely visual and is attracted to certain styles. This makes it critical to get the design right, to send the right message to this target market. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comments below.

Shopping Centre Advertising Still Delivers the Goods to Teens
Article Name
Shopping Centre Advertising Still Delivers the Goods to Teens
For many businesses, advertising is a critical way of getting noticed and generating new revenue streams.

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