Search Engine Optimisation FAQ

How long will it take to get to the top of search engines?

It will depend on a number of factors, including how competitive the keyword is and how well the website is already optimised. We have reached top place for some clients in as little as one week, however in other cases it may take a few months to get there. We always target a variety of keywords in our search engine optimisation and always research what is most likely to generate the most highly targeted visitors. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will be able give more guidance on what it will take to get your website to number one.

What kind of results do you produce for your clients?

We train and coach our clients so they can implement high quality search engine optimisation strategies themselves. For this reason, the results produced are dependent on the client taking action. Some clients choose to take action immediately on every piece of advice they receive. These clients see the most powerful results. We teach clients to focus on generating not just any traffic, but targeted traffic that is likely to buy your products or service.

How much are your monthly SEO plans?

We have three plans to suit your specific needs and budget. The larger the plan, the quicker you will see results and the more support your will receive. In the higher plans some of the work is done for you. We are happy for clients to start out on a smaller budget and scale it up as they see the additional traffic and sales rolling in. The proof is in the pudding. We don’t lock clients into long-term contracts – it’s the great results that keep our clients coming back for more.

Will my website get banned from search engines?

No. We train you in ‘White Hat’ SEO services that are ethical and proven to increase website rankings and boost traffic. That’s why we prefer to train clients to do the search engine optimisation themselves. That way they can understand exactly what is being done and can understand that it’s all completely ethical and transparent. Other SEO providers may use deceptive, aggressive strategies known as ‘Black Hat’ SEO, designed to trick search engines. These are the strategies that would put your website in jeopardy, so we avoid them completely.

What makes you different to all the other SEO gurus?

We make ourselves redundant! We train and coach our clients so they will eventually not need us anymore for Search Engine Optimisation. Many others won’t even tell you what they are doing for you to get your website ranking higher. That’s when you need to be very careful. Others focus only on attracting as much traffic as possible, not considering your target market and overall website strategy. We focus on your overall website goals and objectives and spend our time training you.

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