Psychographic Profile: How to Communicate with Your Target Market

There are countless ways that you could communicate with your target market. However, if you really want to be effective in creating a relationship with your targeted clientele, you will need to know their psychographic profile.

The psychographics of your target clients is made up of variables that influence how they make decisions. These are apparent in their interests, lifestyles, attitudes and their opinions. Once you have gathered all this information, you have the complete psychographic profile of your target market. It is often out of reach for small businesses to gather this kind of information. The time and costs involved may be fine for the big guys but what should the small operators do? We suggest you reverse the system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide who your ideal customer is and go after them. If you are an existing business select your three best current customers. If you are new use your past experience to describe your ideal customer.
  2. With this ideal customer in mind write down what you know about their common interests, lifestyles and attitudes. Have they got strong opinions about anything in particular?
  3. With this information write a profile of your ideal customer.
  4. With this understanding of your psychographic profile, complete our online service found in this website. It will show you the best colours, fonts and shapes to use in your marketing and branding material

There are different ways to communicate with your targeted clientele. Base all your strategies on your Psychographic Profile. The key is to develop a strategy where every message you produce works together to send out a consistent marketing message.

Make sure the graphic design and the message contained in your material connects with your clients. Never forget your clients point of view when it comes to marketing your products or services. How does it benefit them? This is much easier if you have the Psychographic Profile of your target market guiding you.

The best graphic design you can use to attract your target customers is that which creates an emotional response from them. Although visually stunning work could grab their attention, clients will not stay on to read the message if they don’t feel an emotional connection caused by the design.

It is amazing how much people take in from simple graphics and a one-liner compared to a paragraph that may say a lot of things. We are all time poor in this day and age and don’t take the time to read large volumes of text if we don’t need to. The simple line “Get rid of wrinkles in seven days” is better than “You will look younger in just one week because of the elimination of wrinkles that this cream can bring”.

Your graphic design should be unique so that it is distinction over your competitors and it should be easy to understand. If you have a simple but captivating design, then you should be able to communicate with your prospects more than if you have a grand design that is complicated. With the right fonts, colours and shapes, your graphic design will speak volumes not only about your product or service but also about how you want to cater to the needs of your customers.

Psychographic Profile: How to Communicate with Your Target Market
Article Name
Psychographic Profile: How to Communicate with Your Target Market
The psychographic profile of your target market should play a huge roll in determining the colours, fonts and shapes you use in your branding and marketing.

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