The Top 5 Personal Training Promotional Products

Once you have created your brand vision and your logo design. It’s time to promote it and get your brand in front of your target market as regularly and as cost effectively as you can manage. Uniforms and cars are often the strongest branding opportunities for personal trainers however they can also be supported with other branded promotional items. These items are great to hand out during trade shows and other networking events. You could even pass them out as part of a personal training starter kit for new clients. The more exposure they have with your brand, the more likely they will form a strong connection and relationship with your business. Branded promotional items can help remind your prospects and clients of your business, especially if they are useful items that they would use regularly. The best promotional items are those relevant to your business as a personal trainer. What sports equipment or health related item could you use as a branded promotional item?

Branded Uniforms

One sure-fire way you can get your brand out there is by using a branded uniform. Whether this is an entire outfit of sports t-shirts and tracksuit pants or just t-shirts, have your logo printed or embroided so people become familiar with your brand as they see you out in your community and training clients. It’s also a good idea to include your contact details, your website and your marketing tag-line.

A branded uniform will allow you to market your business, effortlessly. By wearing uniforms, you and your staff will not only be marketing your brand as you go about your day-to-day routine, you will be presenting an image of professionalism. The perception of professionalism to your target market means trustworthiness and reliability. These are great attributes for any brand.

People want to feel a sense of belonging and to be part of a group of people they can relate to. The visual look or design associated with a group of people can create strong connections. Just think of some of the religious movements with distinct clothing or imagery. The same principles apply to business. Consider how devoted some Apple users are to the brand. If they have a phone, it has got to be an iPhone. If they have an MP3 player it’s got to be an iPod. The reality is other brands have similar product that function in similar ways however a devoted Apple user will say ‘Yes, but its not an Apple’. That is a powerful brand. Imagine if you could create a brand people want to be associated with. You could not only wear uniforms yourself but have your loyal clients wear your branded clothing, promoting your brand for you.

Here are some other benefits of having branded uniforms:

  1. Uniforms create consistency and help people associate with the brand and not just the trainer. This is particularly important if you employ other personal trainers.
  2. Branded uniforms show you are a serious business, not just someone running a few training sessions in his/her spare time to make a few extra dollars.
  3. People tend to see someone in a uniform as being knowledgeable and competent in their area of expertise. They feel they will get a higher quality service.

Branded Cars

Another fantastic way to keep your brand in the minds of your target market without having to go to any extra effort in your day-to-day routine is to have a branded car.

Most personal trainers already have their own vehicle to get from appointment to appointment yet many are not using it to their advantage. As you drive your car around, imagine the number of people who would take notice if it were branded. If you are constantly driving around the same streets and community people will start to recognise your branded car and know who you are. Of course you will need to drive well and keep a clean car since your brand will be out there and open for criticism.

You could use a simple car decal, large magnets, vinyl sign writing or a full car wrap. There are many options with many different price points so do your research to see what suits you best.

Use bold fonts with an eye-catching design. Make sure you place your logo, telephone number, email and website in an easy to read format. People will be viewing your car from many different angles and different conditions so it must be clear so people can at least remember some of the information. Refrain from having detailed information other than perhaps on the back of your car where people have more time to read when they are stuck behind you at the traffic lights.

Branded Pedometer

Health-conscious people who are into walking exercises may find a pedometer useful. This simple device can help some people stay focused on their goals and objectives but of course it’s not suitable for every target market. Be careful not to offend the egos of those who think they are ‘too good’ for this kind of device. As a safe guard you could say something like this, “I have these pedometers, if you would like to take one or two, maybe you know someone who could benefit from it.”

Branded Water Bottles

Using branded water bottles as free promotional items for your clients and prospects is a safe bet when it comes to promotional items for personal trainers. After all, water is essential especially during a workout. Make sure your water bottles contain your logo and your most pertinent contact details. You could also think a little broader and include details of how much water should be drunk throughout the day in the office for example. That way people will be encouraged to use their bottle while at work not just while they are training. This means your brand will be exposed to more people on a day-to-day basis, not just when they are training.

Branded Sweatbands

Sweatbands are also a good item however they do tend to go in and out of fashion. Check with your target market first before investing in branded sweatbands if you are not sure they would use them.

They are perfect as giveaways during conventions, trade shows and other networking events because they are not as bulky as drink bottles and you can always keep a few in your pockets or bag. For the right target market their usefulness is very high. Every time they are used, your brand is recalled and reinforced in the minds of your clients and prospects.

There are a number of other options to get your brand known. Maybe you could think of something a little quirky or unique that suits your particular brand. Every personal trainer starts out with a different budget so it’s a matter of determining where you believe you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck. You can always introduce new branding options as your business develops.

It might be hard to determine what will work best for your business, so start out small and get some feedback during personal interaction with your clients. This way, you can further develop your brand to appeal to your target market.

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The Top 5 Personal Training Promotional Products
Article Name
The Top 5 Personal Training Promotional Products
From personal training uniforms to branded cars, here are the top 5 personal training promotional strategies to grow your PT business.

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