Niche Marketing for Life Coaches

Focusing your positioning and branding efforts on a specific group of individuals who have similar needs is known as niche marketing. If you are able to target a profitable niche successfully with your brand and positioning statement, you are set to book yourself solid. Choosing the right niche is the key to profitable life coaching. Choosing the wrong niche could be fatal to your business.

If you are just starting in your life coach business, you may not have a specific niche in mind that you want to work with. It may take some time to develop your niche and find what you are most passionate about. Don’t rush into it, test the waters with clients and see what you enjoy and are most successful doing. As your business and experience grows, your niche will develop and your branding and position will evolve. Don’t fight the change, enhance it and improve your strategy. Focus on what you do best.

What are you most passionate about?

Do you have a specific niche in mind? Describe it.

Will you start with a broad target market and refine it into a niche as you progress? Why and how?

Often in life coaching the most productive niche is the one that the coach has evolved into over time. It may take a considerable length of time to position and brand yourself strongly within your chosen niche. For this reason, you should start your marketing efforts with the people already on your contact list and let the niche develop from there. Life planning, spirituality, health and fitness, women’s/men’s issues, stress management, relationships, teens and personal empowerment are just a few niche areas you could explore.

When you centre your marketing efforts on a specific set of individuals who value and understand the expertise you are offering, you will become the go-to person in that niche. Usually your niche will be based around your own personal interests. Your prospects will believe you are the best person to coach them since you specialise in exactly what they are looking for. This should result in better returns on your investment as well as higher profits.
What personal interest do you have that could become a niche for you?

Is there a certain niche that you see your practice developing into?

What kind of groups of people do you see yourself offering your services to?

How can you harness your niche, so you will become the go-to person in this area?

Niche Marketing for Life Coaches
Article Name
Niche Marketing for Life Coaches
If you are able to target a profitable niche successfully with your brand and positioning statement, you are set to book yourself solid. Here's how!

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