Marketing The Visionary Life Coach

Individuals who become life coaches usually do so because they love helping people. They love reaching out to people so personal goals can be established and achieved for a better life. The problem is not all life coaches have a business background and are able to build a profitable, sustainable business. They are not able to market themselves successfully. This resource has been developed specifically to address this need.

One of the most common mistakes life coaches make is they fail to establish a vision for their business. Life coaches tend to be so generous with their time and care for individuals that they overlook their own needs. To focus on your vision, we strongly suggest creating a vision statement. If you don’t know where you are headed in your business, chances are when you are faced with challenges you won’t have the energy and resilience to keep moving forward. It is extremely important for you to have a clear vision statement which will motivate and encourage you to pursue what you want with your career, to help people live a fulfilled life. A vision statement is what helps keep you focused on the future.

In preparation to create your own vision statement, please answer the following questions:

Why did you want to become a life coach?

What kind of impact do you want to make on the life of your clients?

What kind of clients do you want to help?

What kind of issues will you deal with?

What are the spiritual, emotional and material benefits you are expecting from your practice?

How many hours do you want to work per week?

What is your target income?

What fees will you charge a client?

How many customers do you need per week to achieve your target income?

These guidelines for your life coach business will help you develop strategies to achieve your vision. The tactics and details may change as opportunities present themselves, however your vision should be the foundation of your business for the long run. This is necessary if you want to keep your enthusiasm for life coaching.

Just knowing what to do doesn’t change your life, action does. We know we may be preaching to the converted in some ways throughout this workbook, however, we believe it’s important to go over each chapter in detail. This produces the outcome you are looking for in your business. It may sound repetitive at times. It is designed that way to make you dig deeper into what you really want for your business. Please avoid the temptation of jumping ahead.

Based on your answers above, what are the most important aspects of your vision?

Brainstorm potential vision statements for your life coaching practice (Let the creativity flow)

Refine your vision statement into a clear and direct message.

Marketing The Visionary Life Coach
Article Name
Marketing The Visionary Life Coach
Individuals who become life coaches usually do so because they love helping people. Here's how to make it a profitable business model.

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