Logo Strategy – How to Choose Your Logo Colours

Answer 1: They are my favourite colours

While your brand represents you as a business, this doesn’t mean your prospects are attracted to the same colours you are.

Answer 2: My partner liked them

While your partner may be more artistic than you, true creativity is a science as well as an art.

Answer 3: The designer suggested them

We all have personal taste. That’s why so many design studios have a ‘house style’ for all their projects. Your logo should be about you the client and more importantly, how you interact with their target market.

Answer 4: We used a focus group

That’s great however you should bear in mind your target market doesn’t review your brand in the same way a focus group would. They make emotional based, subconscious decisions on what to buy.

A better solution: Psychographic Profiling System

This process not only indicates what colours best represent your brand but also the best shapes and fonts to consider. If you need to review your logo or create a new one we strongly recommend completing the Psychographic Profiles Analysis. Many universities and other organisations have researched colours, shapes and fonts and how it subconsciously impacts on people. The Psychographic Profile process has used this research to develop a systematic way of discovering what colours, shapes and fonts best represent you as a brand. This is critical information when designing any brand.

Logo design using the Psychographic Profile

Your business needs a logo! Maybe you have an existing logo design that you want re-vamped, but you’re not quite sure what you want. You know you like blue. Green’s okay. And stripes – you like stripes. The Psychographic Profile allows you to make an informed business decision about the colours, fonts and shapes that best represent you as opposed to making decisions based on your own personal taste.

When selecting your graphic designer you should ensure they are comfortable with utilising the results found in your Psychographic Profile. It’s common for designers to feel threatened or intimidated by this approach preferring to believe their intuition and experience is what should determine the style of a logo. Your graphic designer should take the Psychographic Profile results and work with you to create a logo design tailored to your specifications and brand vision. Having a memorable, effective logo is integral to the success of your brand and that’s why you should take it so seriously. Make sure your graphic designer doesn’t use clipart or recycle images. You should be confident that yours is a distinctive, one-off logo design specifically formulated for your business goals and objectives.

When many small businesses start out, the owners try to do what they can themselves. Do not underestimate the importance and significance of building your logo and brand on the right foundation. In many ways, your logo is the foundation of your corporate identity. Getting your logo design right the first time is an investment well worth trusting to experienced, professional graphic designers. Your company logo design will be associated with your business on many different levels. It will be used in a variety of situations and needs to be designed in a format that is suitable for all these applications. Make sure your graphic designer has the experience to ensure your logo design sends the right message about your brand to your target market.

Logo Strategy - How to Choose Your Logo Colours
Article Name
Logo Strategy - How to Choose Your Logo Colours
Here are five most common ways to create your logo strategy including a step by step guide for you to select the best colours, fonts and shapes for your brand!

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