Influence and Increase as a Life Coach

Becoming a life coach is a very rewarding career. Not just because of the healthy income you can achieve, but because you will grow as a person and have a positive influence on others. Be true to who you are when helping people and you will build trust and loyalty with the people you work with. Although you need to have a vision to succeed as a life coach, you will not get the number of clients you desire if you are not willing to be generous in your giving. There are some coaches that give free initial consultations.

It’s really up to you if you do this, just make sure you always give your best in every session you provide, paid or unpaid. Look to provide abundant value to your clients. Investing your best into your clients will ensure you develop a healthy and strong life coaching business. Create a system to bring in a steady stream of new clients. That might be giving free initial consultations or leveraging your time and conducting free group workshops, targeting the specific needs of your niche. If you know and understand the value of systems in your business, you will create the right kind of process for your business to ensure a healthy flow of clients.

For those that do give free initial sessions, they usually find one out of three become customers. That means if you conduct about 80 free coaching sessions, you are likely to be fully booked as a life coach. If you are just starting out, give yourself the time necessary to see these results.

How many clients do you need to run a healthy business?

What is the conversion rate of prospects to clients? (If you are new, make a realistic estimate)

With the above figures in mind, how many prospects do you need to produce this result?

How many sessions will an average client usually take?

How can this number of sessions be extended?

If you are a life coach you must love what you do. If you don’t, stop right now before you burn yourself out. It might be that you need to reconsider the kind of life coaching you are providing or maybe even to change careers completely. In doing what you love, always keep your integrity intact. Focus your attention on your prospects and cater to what they need and desire. Never get attached to your clients emotionally because this burden will crush you.

To make it big as a life coach, you must leave the comfort zone you have been accustomed to. Continue growing. To be able to do this, you need to have a support group around you. The people in your support group will help you keep your sanity when the going gets tough. They will be the pillars you can lean on when things just seem to stop going the way you want them to. The bottom-line is, if you have these people around, you will have a better chance of succeeding in your life coaching business.

Who can you include in your support group? Why are they of help to you?

Your Life Coach Action Plan

Now that you have completed this workbook, it’s time for the most important stage – your action plan. Every business is different. What is most important to your business may be completely different to other coaches. Go through this resource again and make a priority list and action plan based on what is most important to you right now. Just remember that you shouldn’t do everything yourself. In many aspects of your life coaching business, you may need the help of other people such as professional marketing specialists, web or graphic designers or other coaches. Don’t get overwhelmed at this stage. Make an action plan and stick to it.

Influence and Increase as a Life Coach
Article Name
Influence and Increase as a Life Coach
Becoming a life coach is a very rewarding career. Not just because of the income you can achieve, but because you will have a positive influence on others.

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