How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Online Sales

Direct mail has been an effective way to drive sales for many businesses. Direct mail tends to have a high conversion rate. For this reason, as an internet marketers you can ‘borrow’ many strategies to drive more visitors to your website and increase your sales online. Let’s look at some direct mail trends that will help you to do just that.

Give customers a compelling reason to visit your website

Direct mail that drives customers to a special page on your website where an exclusive offer can be available is highly effective. Include in your call to action the benefits that customers will receive by visiting the website: special offers, discounts, free shipping and so on. People are bored stiff of promotional direct mail, and unless you offer something worthwhile they will throw it straight in the bin.

Use the same message and design for your direct mail and landing page

If the look and feel of your landing page is at odds with that of the direct mail, it will confuse customers. Visitors need to know immediately that they have come to the right place. Consistency is key, which is why you really want to create a special landing page and ‘sync’ your direct mail campaign with it. Web design is important, and for best results you should hire a professional graphic design company. No compromises.

Use a special landing page for direct mail customers

Make your landing page attractive and add to it a big and colourful BUY button, placing it where it cannot be missed. Sending direct mail customers to a special page for them will increase the chances that they will buy. Directing them to your homepage means that they have to find their way around to the offer they are interested in. They will have to click more clicks than their patience might allow. The more actions the customer is required to make to buy, the lower the chances that he or she will actually buy.

How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Online Sales
Article Name
How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Online Sales
Direct mail has been an effective way to drive sales for many businesses. Here's how to use this strategy to drive business online.

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