How to Produce Profitable Website Content

Writing online content can be quite different to writing for print-based media. People tend to scan through web content quickly, not reading word for word, so headings, sub-headings and bullet points are extremely important since this is what is most likely to be read. In this post, you will learn key ingredients required for online copywriting success.

 Keyword Rich Headlines

Search engines rank your site depending on the keywords used in a webpage. The only way search engines can know what your website is about is by the words used on your page. To get an advantage above your competitors, study what keywords or keyword phrases are likely to bring you large volumes of visitors interested in your products or services. The best places to include your keywords are in the headings, page titles and page names. Think about your keywords from your customers’ perspective and identify what terms they are likely to search for online. There are many programs you can purchase to help you identify what keywords are likely to work best for you. However, as a starting point, the Google keyword suggestion tool is a great place to start. If you would prefer to purchase software that is a little more in-depth, contact us. New software is constantly being released, so we will let you know what we believe to be the best at the time.

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

When you view a website, the primary thing you look for is relevance to the search term you typed in. The first thing you will read on a web page is the headline. For this reason, you should include keywords in your headlines but more importantly, make sure the headline is attention-grabbing. When people search online, they want the information they need quickly. The headline is simply there to grab attention and get people to read the rest of the content. Most people won’t read past the first two paragraphs. So, if your website’s headlines and first paragraphs do not answer such questions as “What’s in it for me?” and “So what?”, your visitors will go to the next website.

Building Credibility

There is no better way to encourage people to buy your services or products than building your credibility. A great way to do this is through posting either video, audio or written testimonials which socially prove your worth. Statistics and case studies are also good credibility builders. Because there are so many false testimonials online, make sure you include as many details of the person giving the testimonial as you can. Video and audio testimonials tend to be more believable.

Relevant Information

There are many business owners who know their products and services so well, they forget to explain it in simple terms on their websites. People are time poor and tend to rush through content online to try to find the information they need quickly, knowing there are many other sites they could look at to get what they need. If you provide fully-customised solutions with an endless supply of options, you could add information regarding popular packages or case studies, so people can better understand what you do and make mention that you provide many other, customised solutions.

Get a Response

You need to get your visitors to respond in some way to your website. That could be a call to action that encourages your visitors to call your hotline or email you. Maybe you want to build an opt-in list. To stand out above your competitors, make a compelling, eye-catching offer. You could give something away, free of charge in return for a first name and email address.

Unlike other marketing techniques, a website is never complete. It should constantly evolve and improve. If you already have a website, try viewing it as if you were a first time visitor and consider the points above. More often than not, you will discover things you should improve that you may have overlooked.

How to Produce Profitable Website Content
Article Name
How to Produce Profitable Website Content
Writing online content can be quite different to writing for print-based media. People tend to scan through web content quickly, not reading word for word.

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