How to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

Getting the search engines to know you exist is one thing however. If you really want to do well, you should add fresh content regularly. Update your website as often as you can using your keywords. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a blog or articles feature where you can add new content on a weekly basis.

Think of your website as a sales funnel. You will have many visitors and a few of these will convert into sales. Once your site is sales-ready, it’s about getting as many potential customers to see your website as possible. The ideal way is to attract large volumes of free traffic from the search engines.

Who wouldn’t want large volumes of search engine traffic? While this may be free, it will take the investment of time and energy into your online strategy. Spend your energy on attracting the people most likely to buy from you, which is your target market.

Always think like your target market, not a search engine. The search engines are becoming further and further advanced and their goal is to provide the best possible websites for keywords people are searching for. This should also be your goal. Align your vision with that of the search engines and you can’t go too far wrong.

Search engines take into consideration what website delivers the most appropriate information regarding a searched keyword. Highly sophisticated algorithms are being used by these search engines and they are constantly being improved. Never, ever try and trick the search engines into sending you traffic you don’t deserve. It could only lead you to being penalised or banned. They will not only look for relevant information but authentic, unique content that will be useful to the readers.

Here are some components of SEO you can apply to make sure your site and its content will get the attention of search engines.


The single most important aspect of SEO is keywords (or key-phrases). Researching the most suitable keywords is vital if you want to attract the right kind of traffic. There are tools online to help you, however you should always use discretion and think like your target market.

Page URL

The Uniform Resource Locator or the URL is the name used for the web pages a user is able to access. It would be best to include your keywords here so search engines can quickly ascertain what your website is about.

Multiple Pages

You should develop a number of web pages focusing on one key area of your business per page.


Every web page has a code that places a title on the web browser’s title bar. Make sure each page has its own unique title specifically for that page.

Meta Tags

Add your keywords in as Meta Tags. This isn’t as effective as it once was, however it still is worth doing and doesn’t take long. Half a dozen words is plenty.

How to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic
Article Name
How to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic
Getting the search engines to know you exist is one thing however. If you really want to do well, you should add fresh content regularly.

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