How to Identify Your Brand Personality

Brand personality refers to a set of human-like attributes associated with a particular business. To identify your brand personality, answer this question:

What kind of personality is my target market attracted to?

Determining the personality of your brand can be useful in determining the impression your target market has of your brand. Since most brands are very similar in function they must differentiate with personality. It’s important to identify the rational and emotional personalities of your brand to create a point of difference. Rational personality refers to the product or service performance. Emotional personality triggers the emotional reasons why a customer should buy from you. Both of these personality styles can help position your brand in the marketplace.

How to bring your brand to life

Bringing a brand to life is not a quick and easy process. Highlighting the features and benefits of a brand, and promoting its personality are elements that are often overlooked. These elements should be treated like a baby that needs to be nurtured while it grows. You should continuously assess your brand in order to become a leader in your industry.

When creating your brand personality you should make it goal oriented and realistic. Creating a brand personality which your business can’t live up to has the potential of destroying your business. You must under-promise and over-deliver. Consider these questions when promoting your brand’s personality:

  • What does my brand offer?
  • Is it suitable for all ages?
  • Is my brand up-market or blue collar?
  • Is my brand local, regional, national or global?

The answers to these questions can help you start to define the personality of your brand. To ensure these personalities are realistic, ask yourself:

  • Do these traits realistically portray my brand?
  • Will these traits work across all my marketing materials?
  • Will these traits appeals to my target market?
  • Will these traits differentiate me among my competitors?

Understanding these points will help bring your brand personality to life. Remember, it can be easy to ‘talk’ it, but make sure you always ‘walk’ it.

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How to Identify Your Brand Personality
Article Name
How to Identify Your Brand Personality
Determining the personality of your brand can be useful in determining the impression your target market has of your brand.

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