Graphic Design and the Human Mind

Effective marketing design requires more than just technical knowledge and an eye for what is beautiful or attractive. How a design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behaviour is far more important than simple aesthetics. Understanding how the brain influences human behaviour can give you insight into how to approach graphic design from a different perspective—and get a better return on your investment!

Getting attention is obviously an important aim of almost all marketing material. Through the use of colour, shape, fonts and other design elements, a design can attract the right people and send the right messages. Even a well-written, persuasive piece is likely to experience poor results if it has the wrong design. Successfully implementing a design strategy is the first big step of any effective marketing material.

There are various ways to create a successful design strategy. You could benchmark against the competition, use focus groups, study statistics or look at other forms of research. But, the most important foundation of creating your design strategy hinges on your understanding of how the brain works. Although the brain is a complex organ to understand, recent studies and modern tools have made it easier for companies to use research findings in a way that will produce better marketing outcomes.

This e-book does not intend to explain all the complexities of the human mind, while these theories may be interesting for some, we have found the majority of business owners are more interested in results than theories. What researchers now understand is there are basic principles that catch the attention of the mind through our senses. The principles that motivate human behaviour include:

  1. social validation
  2. the way we focus on ourselves
  3. the way we seek food
  4. avoiding danger.
Graphic Design and the Human Mind
Article Name
Graphic Design and the Human Mind
How graphic design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behaviour is far more important than simple beauty, aesthetics or current trends.

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