Generate Traffic with Internet Video Marketing

Although there are many sites where you can submit your promotional videos, YouTube should be on the top of the list. Most people turn to YouTube to browse and view videos, so getting your video there is one of the best ways to build up traffic to your website or blog. YouTube has a massive amount of traffic and therefore has a huge capacity to direct traffic your way, particularly if you know how to leverage it.

A lot of business owners are so concerned about their video production they forget about the most important aspect of having these videos, to generate traffic and sales. Producing good quality videos is important, but you also have to find a way to get viewers to respond and visit your website or blog.

Here are three strategies you should use to drive traffic to your site through your videos:

1. Place keywords on the title of your video.

Always include keywords in the title of your video. This will ensure you get the maximum number of viewers to your video that are actually interested in what you do and are more likely to click through to your website. Some internet video marketers try to trick people into viewing their video by using keywords that are misleading, just to get lots of viewers. While this might get you a lot of viewers, they are not likely to be interested in what you have to say, they are not your target market and are not likely to buy.

2. Place a call to action at the end of the video.

Although this one is straightforward, not a lot of people or business owners are doing this well. You should always encourage people to visit your website, contact you or buy your service or products. Just don’t make it too pushy. If it’s a ‘hard sell’ people are less likely to share your video with friends and family and your video will not go viral.

You should verbally tell your viewers what to do next. If they don’t take action and do what you request chances are they will keep viewing other videos, possibly your competitors. You could also show your website address across the bottom of the video. Make sure you refer to this website address in the video to encourage people to visit your site. This approach is not too pushy and will get noticed.

3. Use your video description as leverage.

Every video that you submit to video directories will need a description. This is critical if you submit your video to YouTube. Don’t make the mistake many people do and write something generic about your videos. If you want to drive traffic to your website through your video description, use a keyword-rich invitation to visit your website. Always include your site’s link here, so they can easily click through to your site.

What to Do Next

Although there are many marketing strategies to drive traffic to a website or blog, video marketing is certainly one of the most effective right now due to its usefulness and efficiency. If you want a way to interact better with your target market, and improve your online marketing strategies in a cost-effective manner, video marketing could be for you. It will help you build trust and rapport with your audience and increase brand awareness.

Generate Traffic with Internet Video Marketing
Article Name
Generate Traffic with Internet Video Marketing
Many people turn to YouTube to browse and view videos, so getting your promo video there is one of the best ways to build up traffic to your website or blog.

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