If Content is King then Design is the Castle

Every King needs a strong, secure castle, without it they would be quickly overthrown by others. Isn’t that just like business, if you don’t set yourself up well you are doomed to fall. Even if you create a brand  business idea in a brand new niche, it wont be long before competitors come along for their piece of the action. If you don’t have a strong, secure castle, what chance have you got. (more…)

What is Your Business Card Costing You?

Are you losing sales because your business card isn't up to scratch? Are you winning business because your business card is causing your phone to ring off the hook? I have found at business networking events many people I meet hand over a business card they are obviously embarrassed about, almost apologising for it. It is a fascinating problem that such an inexpensive, yet widely used marketing tool can so often be overlooked. The quality of your business card speaks volumes about who you are as a person and a business. First impressions do last. (more…)

Unconventional Target Audience Profiling

It’s time to break out of the trap of publishing stale, heartless, boring content. As a blogger, I have hit rough patches and have struggled to produce great content until one day I found the solution to my problem – I found a way to quickly find out what makes my readers tick. I was able to put together simple steps to understand exactly who they were. (more…)

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is generally required at some stage in every type of business. There would be very few businesses that survive without needing some form of graphic design; even if it’s just a business card or website. Whatever field of business you are in, graphic design can be a fantastic tool to help you grow in today’s fast paced environment. It can be a daunting task for start-up or small businesses that have not had experience working with the design industry in the past. The prices and quality seem to vary dramatically as do the sales people. (more…)

What I Learnt about Business Growing up in a Cult

Most of us have read about the cult-like nature of brands like Apple. It’s mainly on a surface level and built around hype. What I want to know about are underground entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries a little harder than the big corporations do. Taking it into somewhat dangerous territory is what interests me most about the topic, given my own history. Let me explain…

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