Advertising: Everybody Does it but Does That Make it Right?

Advertising is a normal, everyday part of life in the mass consumer society we live in. We are bombarded with advertising messages every day. But does it still work? Should you still be advertising? Many small businesses rely of word-of-mouth marketing alone to grow their businesses. Is there still a place for traditional advertising techniques? (more…)

Are Apps the Next Website?

There’s a school of thought floating around that suggests App’s are the “new” websites. Some are suggesting all small businesses will one day have an App of their own, just like it has become the norm for every small business to have a website. I disagree for a number of reasons. Read on… (more…)

Sharing the Love on Skype

Sharing interesting content online has become the norm for many website users and Skype now wants a piece of the action. The team at Microsoft have released a new “share” button for Skype users they hope that web developers will start to install on websites. It will be very similar to other share buttons that Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn already use. (more…)

Website Improvements to Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Websites can quickly become dated due to the fast paced nature of the online world. The design becomes stale, the content doesn’t align with how the business has evolved and the technology used isn’t suitable for the latest browsing trends (ie. Mobile phones). The good news is small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs don’t usually need to start a brand new website that is time consuming and costly. Often an underperforming website is just a few small tweaks away from generating a far greater ROI. Don’t let a web developer convince or persuade you to buy a brand new ‘bells and whistles’ website that may not be in your best interest. At Omnific Design, we are happy to review your current website from a marketing, design and functionality standpoint and make recommendations based on our extensive

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