Advertising: Words That Sell

Good advertising communicates your business benefits to customers not necessarily the features. Features are all the bells and whistle your product or service has but the benefits are what it does for the customer. If you can get your prospects to experience the benefits before they even buy the product or service you will increase your sales conversion rate significantly. Once they see themselves benefit, they will make an emotional decision that says 'I must have it' (more…)

How Much Should I Invest in Logo Design?

Creative logo designs are present everywhere around us and in all corners of life. When you open your morning newspaper, you see logos, when you commute to work you see signs and billboards with logos and when you pick up a book in the evening there are logos again. So do you need a logo? What makes a good logo? How much should you spend on logo design? First lets look at the importance of logo design. (more…)

How to Become a Graphic Designer

The dream to become a Graphic Designer often starts at a young age for many creative people. There are many attractions to the design industry. Maybe its the creative outlet you have dreamt of, maybe its the technical aspect of working with design software. For me, it is more about getting results for our clients. There are many things that give young people the inspiration to become a graphic designer. I grew up in a culture of art and creativity, my mother is an artist and my uncle is an architect. These two role models are possibly the biggest influences on my becoming a designer and owning my own graphic design business. (more…)

Why Outsource Graphic Design to a Virtual Designer?

Virtual Designers are the perfect solution for a small to medium sized business owner with a limited budget who needs graphic design support on a regular basis. Virtual Designers (similar to Virtual Assistants) work from their own premises, use their own equipment, and provide services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, or anyone requiring regular graphic design work. (more…)

Why You Need a Marketing Brochure

There are many reasons why most businesses today have some form of marketing brochure produced. For many businesses their brochures are an integral part of their business growth. With any marketing initiative, having the right strategy for your material will increase your chances in getting a good result. Using repetition throughout all your marketing material is often the key. Communicating a consistent message on your website, brochures, catalogue, business card and any other communication tool you produce is important however their should be a slightly different angle for each piece depending on its intended purpose. (more…)

The Impact of Graphic Design in Marketing

Marketing design is very different to editorial design. Grabbing and retaining the attention of viewers is the focus. There are many trends in design and many foundational principles that will outlast the trends. To create an effective marketing design you must understand the importance of having a ‘call to action’ and the ‘look and feel’ that communicate the sales message. Marketing websites need to facilitate potential customers looking for quick and easy to understand information, which is easy to navigate. Websites are often primarily a marketing tool for many organizations as are print based materials such as brochures and catalogues. In any design, it is important that the marketing message is consistent with the overall vision of the business. (more…)

How Clients can Ensure Graphic Design Project meet Deadlines

Creative types are notorius for being late and being disorganised. Not meeting deadlines is a common compliant customers have of the graphic design industry. A good graphic design firm will ensure projects are done on-time, every time. They will keep clients up to speed with each step of the process to ensure every step of the process remains on track. (more…)

Graphic Design in Wyndham (Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and Point Cook)

Omnific Design is proudly run by Wes Towers, a Wyndham resident who established his business working from home. For this reason Omnific Design have many clients in Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Point Cook and the surrounding areas and are now located just up the road in Williamstown. We are a one-stop-shop and help our clients with all their graphic design, website design, printing and marketing needs. (more…)

How to Create Your Brand Vision

Every successful company is known for their brand. People make value judgments on your company by just looking at the brand logo or brand name. If you want to build a strong, successful brand you need a vision. A vision will give you clear direction and guide the messages you communicate through your brand. Before you commit to building a brand you must think clearly about who you are as a business, and devote time to defining yourself and where you want to be in the future. A good brand expresses the vision of a business to its target market in many ways. (more…)

Why Use Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is an effective tool to reach potential customers and develop a relationship with existing customers, maximising their loyalty to your business. Direct marketing is where the business deals directly with a database of prospects and customers. These databases can be purchased or created by businesses. There are many ways to build your own database such as attending a trade show or giving away an ebook online in exchange for contact details. (more…)

How to Establish Brand Values

Establishing the values your company believes in is essential in building an authentic, trustworthy brand. Your values should reinforce the vision of the business. Good values create an enduring belief that will guide your decision making process in every part of your business that impacts on your brand. When consumers understand the values of your brand they will be influenced to interact with your business in a certain way. Writing the company values down is one thing, living by them is what makes the difference. (more…)

CRM Review: info@hand

In recent times there has been a flood of online CRM and Business Management systems. info@hand is one system we like and use ourselves since it integrates with Joomla to provide a customer portal and other neat features. info@hand provides core business information for the relevant people within your organisation. The online system quickly and effectively streamlines and integrates key business management system. This is what sets info@hand apart from it's competitors – Integration between customer relationship manager (CRM) and business management. It becomes easy for those on the move or businesses with many offices to access information anywhere, anytime as the information is available on the internet. info@hand can be used wherever there is an internet connection. (more…)

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