White Label Reseller Partners

Over the years, Omnific Design has worked closely with some of Australia's best marketing consultants, website companies and printers. In that time, we have supported these businesses as a back-office studio, thats why we created the White Label Reseller Partners program. You can act as a middleman or we can deal directly with your customers, it's completely up to you. Not only do we have the capability to design and manage your customers projects, (just like we do our own customers) we can also liase directly with your customers as a representative of your business. You can even set up an email address and print a company business card for us to use in meetings. You can be set up and ready to sell our services in a few hours however, we would prefer to

How to Refine Your Website Goals and Objectives

Make short and long-term goals for your website and provide this information to your web designer. With this information, they can work towards helping you achieve your goals in the most efficient way. When your web designer understands where things are headed, they will be able to come up with a design and structure that will accommodate your future requirements better. For example, if you plan to add more items to your menu at a later stage, the web designer can keep this in mind and create a menu structure that can be added to. (more…)

Questions to Ask When Determining Brand Personality

In the business world where competition is critcal, there are certain questions to ask when determining your brand personality. You need to know who you are as a business or a brand. You need to know what your brand means to people or more specifically, your target market. When it comes to brand personality, you need to establish what you want to be seen as in your niche. For example are you a BMW or a Ford, are you a McDonalds or a high-class restaurant? Do you want your business to be seen as a ‘rock star’ or a ‘dependable friend’? These decisions regarding your brand personality must be considered if you want to take your brand to the next level. (more…)

Shopping Centre Advertising Still Delivers the Goods to Teens

For many businesses, advertising is a critical way of getting noticed and generating new revenue streams. With many advertising solutions to choose from, it takes many businesses some time to choose which advertisements offer the best results. When it comes to capturing the lucrative teen market segment, it seems that Shopping Centre advertising is the way to go, according to recent research. (more…)

5 Ways to Avoid Poor Letterhead Design

Too often we see small businesses using poor letterhead design. Often the business owner or an admin staff member is the one who sets up the design. When you think about the impact presenting your business professionally has, you must wonder why people take these risks with letterhead design. You might spend hours and hours perfecting your letters only to have them thrown out by prospects and customers who will not take you seriously. Still, if you are planning to come up with your own letterhead design, here are five ways that will help you avoid the most common mistakes we often see: (more…)

Three Keys to Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising is a cost effective way of marketing to a local community since it is not 'broadcast' like television. One of Cinema Advertising's most appealing characteristics is how it holds a captive audience. While the audience may be a small scale it is perfect for local businesses such as restaurants, cafes and entertainment complexes. Imagine a group of people specifically out to have a good time and looking for something to do after the movie. Maybe they are interested in going out for dinner, maybe for a drink, maybe ten pin bowling. Maybe they are on holidays and are looking for a range of things to do. (more…)

Advertising: Words That Sell

Good advertising communicates your business benefits to customers not necessarily the features. Features are all the bells and whistle your product or service has but the benefits are what it does for the customer. If you can get your prospects to experience the benefits before they even buy the product or service you will increase your sales conversion rate significantly. Once they see themselves benefit, they will make an emotional decision that says 'I must have it' (more…)

How Much Should I Invest in Logo Design?

Creative logo designs are present everywhere around us and in all corners of life. When you open your morning newspaper, you see logos, when you commute to work you see signs and billboards with logos and when you pick up a book in the evening there are logos again. So do you need a logo? What makes a good logo? How much should you spend on logo design? First lets look at the importance of logo design. (more…)

How to Become a Graphic Designer

The dream to become a Graphic Designer often starts at a young age for many creative people. There are many attractions to the design industry. Maybe its the creative outlet you have dreamt of, maybe its the technical aspect of working with design software. For me, it is more about getting results for our clients. There are many things that give young people the inspiration to become a graphic designer. I grew up in a culture of art and creativity, my mother is an artist and my uncle is an architect. These two role models are possibly the biggest influences on my becoming a designer and owning my own graphic design business. (more…)

Why Outsource Graphic Design to a Virtual Designer?

Virtual Designers are the perfect solution for a small to medium sized business owner with a limited budget who needs graphic design support on a regular basis. Virtual Designers (similar to Virtual Assistants) work from their own premises, use their own equipment, and provide services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, or anyone requiring regular graphic design work. (more…)

Why You Need a Marketing Brochure

There are many reasons why most businesses today have some form of marketing brochure produced. For many businesses their brochures are an integral part of their business growth. With any marketing initiative, having the right strategy for your material will increase your chances in getting a good result. Using repetition throughout all your marketing material is often the key. Communicating a consistent message on your website, brochures, catalogue, business card and any other communication tool you produce is important however their should be a slightly different angle for each piece depending on its intended purpose. (more…)

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