Did You Make These 7 Website Mistakes?

Fix Them And Have A Website You Can Be Proud Of!

The internet is constantly evolving. Although the web is a constantly changing and dynamic channel the fundamentals of solid web design remain constant. If you recognize any of the following seven symptoms you may need to enhance your web presence.

Remember, poor site design can send visitors away from your website as fast as they arrived. On the other hand, effective web design engages visitors, making them more likely to return in the future as well as tell their friends about their experience. Web design is an imperfect science so you want to work with a designer that has experience and knows how to avoid these seven web design mistakes.

Does your site suffer from illegible text or a poorly selected font? It doesn’t matter if you have premium content for your audience if they can’t understand the message. Make sure your designer has an eye on the big picture and that your website is easy to read.

  • Poor use of colour can diminish the impact of an otherwise well-designed site. The colours selected for any website should reflect the image of the company and be consistent throughout the site. Each page on your site should look like it’s part of the same site, with repetitive elements making a theme that carries throughout the pages of the site.
  • Overly complicated navigation is a deal breaker. If people can’t find what they’re looking for they will leave. Never forget that. You want to have a website that is friendly, Interactive and easily to navigate.
  • Slow load time is unforgivable. Your site needs to load with minimal loading time. Nobody likes to waste time waiting for a website to load so don’t make them. Make sure your site is responsive and provides an excellent user experience.
  • Are you ignoring web standards? Just because you have a Mac and use Safari doesn’t mean you can ignore the many people who may be using a different computer or internet browser. Make sure you site has a uniform appearance in all internet browsers.
  • Not having an overall web design strategy is a major mistake. Everything begins with clear objectives. This leads to a strategy which can be adhered to during the web design process. Without a reliable, in-depth understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish your web designer won’t be able to make sure that it happens. Make certain you fully communicate your goals and objectives so they can be incorporated into the site design.
  • The success or failure of a website depends on the site’s usability and utility, not visual design. This doesn’t mean the site is easy to use for you or the web designer. Can your end user find what they need on your site? Focus on user-centric design and you won’t have to redesign later.


Did You Make These 7 Website Mistakes?
Article Name
Did You Make These 7 Website Mistakes?
The internet is constantly evolving. Although the web is a constantly changing and dynamic channel the fundamentals of solid web design remain constant.

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