Developing a Killer Barbeque and Elevator Pitch

In a life coach business, you are the business in so many ways. You are the product, so people will want to ‘try before they buy’. They will want to communicate with you to see if you can help them. This applies to every aspect of your business development, including your marketing strategies. One of the most important things you need to arm yourself for is answering the common question, ‘What is it you do?’. Prepare for this and have a good response ready.

What do you currently say when someone asks what you do?

It is beneficial to have a short yet impressive statement about what you do, the services you offer and how your clients benefit. However, the true secret to its success is making it conversational so it can be expanded or contracted depending on the connection you make with the people you are speaking with. Like all good conversations, if you focus on the person you are talking with, they will find you more interesting. Because many people have no experience in dealing with a life coach, it is vital that you emphasise the benefits you bring and the problems you fix. People relate better to story telling, so real life case studies are a great way to make a connection.

What great stories and case studies do you have that people may find interesting?

The Killer Life Coach Pitch

You know how many (insert your target market here)
often struggle with (insert the problem you solve here).

I help people just like that. For example, I’ve been working with (insert person here).
He/she came to me because he/she wanted to (insert details of the problems solved here).

We worked through these issues together and as a result (describe the outcome here).
I love helping people with (insert the problem you solve). Do you know anyone like that?
Would it be okay with you if I contacted them? What would you suggest?

From the model above, try making your own speech, while adjusting it to sound natural for you.

Business related conversations are often very short. However, nobody likes being spoken at or ‘Sold to’. Using the above model often creates a meaningful connection with the person you are speaking with. It is also short enough to be delivered during a networking introduction. It can be expanded and contracted depending on the nature of the conversation that begins. If you literally only have seconds you might need to stick with a common elevator pitch like this: “I am a Life Coach who works one-on-one with adults aged 25 to 45 years old, helping them deal with problems, so they can better themselves and reach their goals.” With this kind of quick pitch you need some kind of memory hook or catch that will make you interesting and cause the person to contact you for more information if they are interested.
What memory hook or statement could you use to make your prospects call you for further information?

Write your own, one or two-sentence elevator pitch.

In Life Coach Marketing Always Focus on the Benefits

Remember, a good barbeque or elevator pitch usually begins by targeting a specific audience. It also gives an idea on the problems you fix and the outcomes you produce. The more benefits you are able to communicate, the more likely you will create a strong connection. Be very specific in your speech, this will clearly show people how you can help them or people they know. Whatever you prepare, keep it flexible and natural sounding so you can tweak it depending on the kind of person you are talking to. For example, if you are speaking with a middle aged, professional woman and have a case study of a middle aged, professional woman you worked with, use it. Emphasise specific benefits or problems you fix that may catch their interest.

Coming up with the most efficient barbeque or elevator speech is worth investing time into and practicing until made perfect. If you are new to this and are nervous, start out with something simple and compelling. As you become more experienced, you can improve and adjust your speech. It is something you will develop over time, as you find out what works best for your life coaching business. Most of all, let your passion shine through in your speech. As a Life Coach, your passion is what people are most likely to connect with.

Using the models above, create a range of potential speeches that can be used depending on the person you are talking to and the questions that may be asked.

Are you able to express your passion through your speeches or should you adjust things so this passion shines through?

Developing a Killer Barbeque and Elevator Pitch
Article Name
Developing a Killer Barbeque and Elevator Pitch
In a life coach business, you are the business in so many ways. You are the product, so people will want to ‘try before they buy’.

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