CRM Review: info@hand

In recent times there has been a flood of online CRM and Business Management systems. info@hand is one system we like and use ourselves since it integrates with Joomla to provide a customer portal and other neat features. info@hand provides core business information for the relevant people within your organisation. The online system quickly and effectively streamlines and integrates key business management system. This is what sets info@hand apart from it’s competitors – Integration between customer relationship manager (CRM) and business management. It becomes easy for those on the move or businesses with many offices to access information anywhere, anytime as the information is available on the internet. info@hand can be used wherever there is an internet connection.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Sales, service, marketing, and dispatch are just some of the CRM areas where performance is critical. The CRM features of info@hand allow you to get an overall view of your business and identify the areas that are working and what needs improvement. Reporting features within info@hand provide the information your business needs. Utilising info@hand should increase conversions and maximise sales by allowing you to create an automated sales process with the workflow manager.


Quotes can be prepared quickly and easily and afterwards, converted into sales orders or invoices at the click of a button. Incoming and outgoing payments can be tracked against purchased orders and bills that need to be entered. Hence, info@hand is a powerful financial system and since it is integrated with your CRM, all your business information is in one place, making it a world class reporting system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

A combination of sales orders, incoming and outgoing shipping allows you to manage even a multi-warehouse inventory. Since this is integrated with the entire info@hand system it utilises the extensive financial systems already in place. The features of info@hands ERP are second to none. Every step in the process can be tracked, from the enquiry stage right through to the ordering, invoicing and shipping. Shipping documents can be directly printed from info@hand and with a button’s click, quotations to orders to invoicing can be done smoothly and quickly..


Your online as well as offline business can be combined into a single system as the info@hand eStore integrates smoothly with the info@hand CRM. info@hand is capable of storing the account information, invoices and payments as and when purchases are made online.

Customer Service

Does your business have a need to track support cases or projects more effectively? What about tracking the products that have been sold by you and their support contracts? The customer service modules of info@hand are designed to track all this information. With the help of this information, cases can be created in the system and resolutions can be tracked. These cases and their resolutions can be integrated with the workflow module and whenever a case is updated, customers can be notified automatically. You can also integrate this information with the timesheet system and hence, what you have is a support system that tracks information from sale to support to time tracking to invoicing and so on.

info@hand Pricing

The pricing of the info@hand system is designed in such a way that suits even a small home based business through to a large organisation. info@hand contains so many modules however you can easily turn off what your business doesn’t need and turn it on later if your business needs change. The pricing depends on your requirements, whether you would like to operate the software on your own servers or use the info@hand instant hosting to run the system, the software is offered in number of formats.

When we did our research on various systems, we found info@hand was the best match to our needs at the most economical price. We also liked it because it uses Joomla which is our Content Management System of choice. If you have an existing Joomla site, you could simply ‘plug-in’ the system.

What are your thoughts?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic, as graphic and web designers we often are asked questions about these kind of systems and would love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

CRM Review: info@hand
Article Name
CRM Review: info@hand
The CRM features of info@hand allow you to get an overall view of your business and identify the areas that are working and what needs improvement.

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