Three Keys to Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising is a cost effective way of marketing to a local community since it is not ‘broadcast’ like television. One of Cinema Advertising’s most appealing characteristics is how it holds a captive audience. While the audience may be a small scale it is perfect for local businesses such as restaurants, cafes and entertainment complexes. Imagine a group of people specifically out to have a good time and looking for something to do after the movie. Maybe they are interested in going out for dinner, maybe for a drink, maybe ten pin bowling. Maybe they are on holidays and are looking for a range of things to do.

Cinema Advertising is an effective form of advertising for businesses seeking to target a captive, receptive and targeted group of people. Cinema advertising has been shown to have a higher rate of recall than television.

To have the strongest impact there are a few special ingredients you must consider. Remember it’s not a feature-film you are creating but something to get noticed and create interest.

1. High Impact Design

Some simple yet strong graphics to emphasis your brand and what it stands for is often best. Having three or four slides to communicate your message is more cost effective and often more powerful than shooting film.

2. Catchy Sound

It might be a catchy tune or an interesting voice over artist. Sound is certain to be noticed in a Cinema Setting where people should be quiet.

3. Memory Hook

The captive audience should walk away with one thing they remember. They are about to be distracted for an hour or two by a movie so they need to remember your offer by the end of this ‘distraction’ from your ad.

If you have used Cinema Advertising in the past we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Maybe you have some questions. Go for it.

Three Keys to Cinema Advertising
Article Name
Three Keys to Cinema Advertising
One of Cinema Advertising's most appealing characteristics is how it holds a captive audience. Here's how you could use it for your small business.

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