Branding for Entrepreneurs Workshop

We believe the planning and brainstorming phase is the foundation
for any strategic branding. This small group workshop is to the best of our
knowledge, unique in our industry. We highly recommend this process
prior to commencing any new branding related project. This workshop is designed to identify the goals and objectives of your business and reveal opportunities you may never have considered otherwise. This service is valuable to any entrepreneurial business, even if you choose not to go ahead with Omnific Design for any other service. Of course we hope you continue with us.

We will explore your goals and objectives, answer your questions, discuss a variety of branding strategies and recommend solutions we believe to be a good fit for you. We keep numbers very low in these workshops so we can focus on the few business leaders present and be very specific when we make our recommendations and suggestions. This will
enable you to create a strong foundation and strategy for your brand.

We customise each workshop to suit the businesses represented. Prior to the workshop we ask those attending to provide some details on what they plan to learn and achieve through the workshop.

Some of the topics we may discuss include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Future potential opportunities and growth
  • Marketing strategies
  • Online and offline branding strategies
  • Point of difference
  • Target market
  • Customers buying reasons
  • Current customer base
  • Ideal customers
  • Visual identity
  • Colour meaning
  • Graphic communication
  • Current branding trends
  • Customer/brand relationships
  • Prospect/brand relationships
  • Visual style
  • Current branding strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategic thinking to maximise your budget
  • Most urgent priorities
Branding for Entrepreneurs Workshop
Article Name
Branding for Entrepreneurs Workshop
We believe the planning and brainstorming phase is the foundation for any strategic branding. These workshops will take your brand to the next level!

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