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Wes Towers’ mission is to empower a new breed of entrepreneurs with cutting-edge websites that attract more leads, graphic design that converts more sales and systems that multiply results affordably and fast. After completing his Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design/Multimedia) at the University of Ballarat in 1999, Wes moved to Sydney to work in marketing agencies where his passion for online marketing grew. Returning back to Melbourne a few years later, Wes launched his own business, Omnific Design and now serves many clients as a website design and internet marketing specialist. Wes enjoys educating and partnering with small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs through workshops, seminars and one-on-one training. He also provides website design, development and search engine marketing services. His skills and capabilities include visual and conceptual creativity and an ability to apply marketing principles to new or existing websites. He also has an excellent knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, response-based web design and technical experience in website design and development. Wes possesses the ability to explain web marketing principles without the “techy speak” and explains DIY Search Engine Optimisation strategies businesses can implement themselves.

Recent Posts by Wes Towers

Your Own Ultimate Website Strategy

Creating your ultimate website strategy is a process that you should go through with care and thoughtful planning. This should involve not only establishing the design for your website but the overall strategy behind what you are intending to do. You should have a clearly defined plan for your website, knowing want you want it to produce for your business. (more…)

How to Build Online Communities

A fantastic goal for your website is to communicate with your existing customers, so they start talking about you and increase word-of-mouth. Community-based modules and other interactive features like product ratings, forums, loyalty clubs and comments are all great ways for your customers to interact with your brand. If they are happy with you, they may become raving fans. You could even take it to the next level and add more energy to your website with podcasts, videos or interactive demos. There are so many aspects of a website to consider. The most important thing is to invest in a website which you can expand into new areas and opportunities as you progress as a business. (more…)

Graphic Design and the Human Mind

Effective marketing design requires more than just technical knowledge and an eye for what is beautiful or attractive. How a design can effectively engage the mind and influence human behaviour is far more important than simple aesthetics. Understanding how the brain influences human behaviour can give you insight into how to approach graphic design from a different perspective—and get a better return on your investment! (more…)

Hot Tips For Choosing A Graphic Designer

As a business owner, it is likely that you are going to need the services of a skilled graphic designer at some point, probably more than once. The final results you receive will depend entirely on the knowledge and skills of the professional you choose for your graphic design needs. How can you find the perfect graphic designer for your company’s needs? Many people find their graphic artist by checking with design companies or freelancers, taking referrals from other companies or business associates, posting free classifieds in online design forums, or through online graphic design contests. All of these are great ways to find leads for hiring a graphic design professional but there are also factors you need to consider when deciding if a graphic designer fits your needs. When making your decision, look at

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media can be a confusing topics to address because they mean different things to different people. There are many tips out there to help you get more traffic to your website. Always ask yourself, ‘Is this strategy designed to trick search engines into sending me traffic I probably don’t deserve?’ If it is, stay away from it completely. It is what they call black-hat SEO and can get your website downgraded in the search engines, worst still blacklisted completely where you will be sent no search engine traffic at all. (more…)

What is Quality Web Design?

Are you looking for a Melbourne design studio to help you with your website? Of course you know that you need a reputable creative graphic design and web design studio with the experience, creativity and technical skill to make your business look good but how will you know if they do a good job? What exactly makes a great website? Today we’re going to discuss some of the elements that constitute quality web design. If you consult with ten web designers, you’ll probably get ten different opinions on what constitutes quality web design. Even so, following are seven signs of quality web design that most graphic designers will have to agree with. (more…)

The Secret to Cash Cow Email Marketing

Many entrepreneurs use email marketing techniques that prove to be effective only for a short time, after which the conversion rates slump. This happens in fact with quite a lot of ‘recommended’ email marketing strategies on the web. By contrast, the following strategies aim to achieve more consistent, profit generating results, over the long term. (more…)

Why Marketing Campaigns are a lot like Weddings

I was driving to a meeting earlier today to brain-storm a marketing campaign with a customer and got stuck behind a wedding car. ‘Who gets married on a Wednesday? What were they thinking?’ was my immediate response. It actually got me thinking how similar weddings are to marketing campaigns. Might sound a little odd I know, but I did have almost an hour to kill waiting in Melbourne traffic. Let me explain… You'll soon see what I mean... I hope (more…)

Build Your Business

Is your business bordering of the edge of success or the edge of failure? Don’t throw time and money into your business blindly, expecting things to change. Always test and measure your results. Having no strategic plan causes problems in many areas of business. More specifically, in my industry I’ve seen poor or no strategy resulting in ineffective graphic and web design. The information in this ebook may not work exactly the same way in every business and I encourage and challenge you to see for yourself what results it produces in your unique situation. (more…)

Build Your Business – Build your Value

By consistently providing valuable information to your prospects you stay at the front of their mind until they are ready to buy your product or service. This is also true for repeat business. Business people often forget to continue providing value to their customers after the first purchase. By continuing to provide value, you transform customers into loyal advocates of your business who potentially will refer you thousands of dollars worth of business. (more…)

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