8 Elements of Branding & Logo Design

Your corporate identity and branding is a visual representation to the world. A tired, unimaginative, dime-a-dozen logo design reflects a tired, unimaginative, dime-a-dozen business. You want your branding to reflect your unique personality, and speak to your customers about your credibility, experience and trustworthiness. In a nutshell, you need a graphic designer to design your logo.

Things to consider when having your branding developing by a graphic designer is your:

  1. Brand Vision
  2. Brand Culture
  3. Brand Image
  4. Brand Unique Position
  5. Brand Core Competencies
  6. Brand Personality
  7. Brand Values
  8. Brand Point of Difference

Because your branding is intangible, its purpose is to give an impression or feeling that will be associated with your business. Your branding goes well beyond your logo and any other graphic design material. However these are critical building blocks to build any successful brand. Your branding encapsulates your vision, culture and image. Your brand vision is what you strive to be. Your brand culture is largely based on the people you employ. Who you are and how you do things affects your brand. You should consider all these elements of your business in order to create strong branding.

Branding and Logo Design

Once you understand what you want your branding to represent you are in the best position to have your logo designed. Your graphic designer can create an entirely new logo from the ground up, or simply re-design and re-invigorate a tired corporate image design. To create a successful branding design for your company, your graphic designer should consult closely with you in a ‘discovery process’ to find out just who you are as a brand and how your logo design can reflect what you stand for. For instance, your graphic designer may discover that your company is best represented by progressive design, a simple-but-classic logo or vibrant colours. Your graphic designer should identify some similar existing designs that catch your target markets eye and take it from there.

8 Elements of Branding & Logo Design
Article Name
8 Elements of Branding & Logo Design
Your logo & branding is a visual representation to the world. A tired, unimaginative logo design reflects a tired, unimaginative business.

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