5 Online Strategies that Produce a Profit

Search engine rankings are not everything when it comes to online marketing. Getting a high rank in Google will not mean anything to your bottom-line if you cannot convert. In the same way, traffic coming from another highly-ranked website will mean nothing to your business.

Although search ranking is an often discussed topic in the SEO world, we find many people still do not fully understand it’s impact. When you have a strong page rank you will have a greater chance of generating massive amounts of traffic depending on what keywords you are targeting. The higher your page rank, the higher you should be listed in search engine results. The higher you are listed, the more people will click through to your website. Pretty basic right? Let’s think about it. Getting traffic is important but converting that traffic into dollars is what most marketers are looking for.

Your Complete Online Marketing Strategy

Perhaps you are using your website to create leads for your business. Perhaps you are trying to sell your products or services online. Think about your marketing outcome. What do you want your website visitors to do once they visit your site? Some of the most common objectives are:

Online Strategy 1: Sell a product or service

Online Strategy 2: Build brand awareness

Online Strategy 3: Be seen as an expert in your industry

Online Strategy 4: Build a marketing list for further promotions

Online Strategy 5: Create a ‘relationship’ with prospects

While there are different intentions for different business websites, more often than not they are about producing a profit for your business. It’s about creating an online marketing system that meets your marketing objectives. It’s about guiding people through your online sales funnel. Always keep your eye on this goal for your business and your website.

Page Ranking plus Conversions Equals Income

Incorporating an SEO plan into your overall marketing strategy just because you want high search rankings is a waste of time. It’s better to have 10 potential buyers visit your site than thousands of visitors clicking from site to site. Once you have a website that converts browsers into buyers it’s time to supercharge it with more traffic using SEO strategies.

Once your website is converting and you start ranking highly and generating huge amounts of traffic you website can become a cash cow for your business. The trouble is many businesses forget the conversion side, focusing all their energy on traffic.

5 Online Strategies that Produce a Profit
Article Name
5 Online Strategies that Produce a Profit
Search engine rankings are not everything when it comes to online marketing. Getting a high rank will not mean a thing to your bottom-line if you don't convert

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