5 Things Marketers Should Understand When Using Colour

Colour has a psychological effect on the viewer. Warm colours excite, cool colours relax. When marketing, advertising and branding using graphic design, it’s crucial to choose colours that are not only beautiful and complement one another well, but that are also suitable for conveying the desired message, and are appropriate for the target audience.

  1. Cool colours like blue, green, purple, violet, and indigo relax visitors, making them feel at ease. They are excellent for websites packed with information, such as directories and portals, NGOs, networks, non-commercial, blogs, as well as for professional corporate sites that don’t sell any products directly.
  2. Warm colours like yellow, orange, brown, red, and pink catch the eye. They are great for business websites that sell food, clothing, or beauty products, for entertainment sites that feature plenty of visual content, e-commerce sites, events sites, as well as for any other sites that are intended to have a powerful effect on visitors.
  3. Combining too many bright or warm colours in a website design can result in a bad colour harmony that will overwhelm the eye. A website that uses almost exclusively pink and yellow might be suitable for a business selling kids’ bubblegum or toys, but not for a big corporate site. The same is true for ads, infographics, landing pages and so on. To achieve colour harmony often it’s best to combine a cool or a neutral colour with a bright one.
  4. Harmonious designs on the Web often use an analogous colour scheme, that is, three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. The great thing about this colour scheme is that it generally pleases the eye without being overpowering. It also puts emphasis on the content.
  5. One colour affects the presence of another, that is to say, using a red font on a purple background is a big mistake. As a rule, when choosing the colour of the background and foreground or front, use contrasts of dark and light colours.

Colours are important in marketing and advertising, so marketers, choose you colours carefully!

Article Name
5 Things Marketers Should Understand When Using Colour
Colour has a psychological effect on the viewer. When marketing and branding using graphic design, it’s crucial to choose colours that produce results!

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